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#FeministBollySongs make popular songs less problematic

Twitterati recently took upon themselves to rectify Bollywood's mistakes giving rise to the trend #FeministBollySongs.

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Twitter trend #FeministBollySongs tries to make Bollywood songs politically correct. (Source: Youtube/Twitter)

Bollywood songs, even with their overwhelming in-your-face sexism, are an indispensable part of the Indian pop culture. If you have a catchy tune, chances are you can get away with anything as far as lyrics go. As the world attempts to move towards gender equality, Bollywood refuses to follow suit with its continuous supply of misogyny.

So Twitterati recently took upon themselves to rectify Bollywood’s mistakes giving rise to the trend #FeministBollySongs. From ‘Saat samundar paar’ to ‘Haseena maan jaegi’ to ‘Balam pichkari’, Twitter attempted to make a lot of problematic songs a little less of that.