Twitterati protest ‘fatwa’ against Assam Indian Idol singer Nahid Afrin, but there is no fatwa

Twitterati protest ‘fatwa’ against Assam Indian Idol singer Nahid Afrin, but there is no fatwa

Many seem to have reacted to a pamphlet asking people not to attend a Nahid Afrin's musical show, misinterpreting it as a 'fatwa'.

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How can they try nipping such talent in the bud? (Source: File Photo)

In the latest case of religious extremism, some Muslim clerics have expressed their displeasure against the likes of the budding singer Nahid Afrin through the circulation of a pamphlet that has apparently been issued by a group of Muslim organisations. Afrin, who rose to fame after securing the first runner-up position in the reality TV show The Indian Idol, has been riding high on success since then. She even made her debut as a playback singer in Bollywood in 2016 with the movie Akira.

However, this pamphlet was soon misconstrued as a ‘fatwa’ by many, triggering a huge row on social media platforms.

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Apparently, the leaflet was printed, signed and distributed by a bunch of orthodox organisations such as Assam Regional Jamiat Ulema and Udali Rahmaniya Madrassa, and several individuals, in the backdrop of an event to be held on March 25, where Afrin was supposed to perform. It requested people to stay away from such events because of their un-Shariat nature. The leaflet further said that allowing an event like a musical night at a venue surrounded by mosques, graveyards, and other places of religious importance will draw the fury of Allah on future generations.



Reacting to all this commotion, Afrin told news agency ANI, “I think my music is God’s gift to me. I believe it must be properly utilised; not doing so is ignoring God.”

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Ever since the news of such a restriction being imposed on the singer broke, people have come out in support of Afrin. From public figures to commoners, all are seen expressing their love and support for the singer. It’s interesting to note that many have been reacting to the idea that a ‘fatwa’ has been issued against Afrin, which is not the case. This seems to be just a plea from these Islamic bodies. Nevertheless, it’s heartening to see the support and encouragement coming through for the teen singer.

Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal posted two tweets condemning such acts and also encouraging the singer.

Many others, including the likes of author Taslima Nasreen, also supported Afrin.