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Looking for a wife who cooks well? These #KhanaKhudGaramKarLo posts will change your mind

Women are always expected to cook and serve the meal at home — even if they are also working. To break this notion, people on social media are posting pictures with the hashtag #KhanaKhudGaramKarLo.

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Why is it necessary for women to cook the meal? (Source: Thinkstock Images)

Gender inequality is a subject that has been debated and spoken about many, many times on social media — and yet, it still persists. Although times have changed, and some progress has been made, some things don’t change overnight — such as women being considered responsible to prepare food for everyone at home. How many times have you seen men cooking after returning from work? In India, women not just cook meal but even reheat it if the man of the house arrives late from work. It is a rare thing to see a man cook, or even lend a hand while serving it as part of his daily routine.

To address it, people on social media are sharing posts with the hashtag #KhanaKhudGaramKarLo. It is still unclear as to who started the hashtag, but it was when Facebook user Azm Aftab posted a long message, that more than 8,000 people reacted to it and made it viral on the micro-blogging site.

“Came home today and found my mother taking a nap and my wife praying. I was really hungry though but could it be true? Id read on facebook, that real men have their food warmed up by the women in the house. I was so worried. But i couldn’t resist the pangs of hunger so slowly i mustered the courage to pour some salan in my plate. My manliness was still intact! Woah! I then proceeded to stick the plate in the microwave and set the timer for 2 minutes. And just like Allama Eminem said “His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy” i pushed the start button. I braced for my manliness to desert me any moment now and when i heard the beep beep beep sound i was sure it had happened. But instead it was the salan that was warm and i still didnt feel any different. Bewildered, i took out the salan and threw the naan in the same microwave and when it came out warm as well and i still didnt feel any different i knew something was wrong.
What’s wrong is our understanding of masculinity. If you are scared of warming up your own damn food, consider it a woman’s job and think that you deserve to be served by women then maybe you dont deserve to be called a man.
Be a man. #KhanaKhudGaramKarLo !”.

Read the post here. 

There are many other posts too with the same hashtag on Facebook.

It is good to see men taking the lead in spreading the word. Isn’t it?