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Friday, October 30, 2020

DU girl’s post about being masturbated at during college fest will outrage you, and it should

The very fact that any woman should have to go through such an experience is enraging enough.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: March 13, 2017 12:52:03 am
du girl masturbated on, meghna singh concert masturbated on, girl facebook post on sexual harassment, cyberbullying, meghna singh, delhi university, srcc, miranda house, sexual harassment, indian express, indian express news She was just out to enjoy a concert with her friends! (Source: Meghan Singh/Facebook)

On March 8, the world celebrated International Women’s Day – the day when the world acknowledges the contribution and importance of women to the world and society at large. A day later, on March 9, a Delhi University student shared an experience online that shook and disgusted many – as it should. Because not only was what she went through cringe-worthy, but also a huge slap on the whole idea of celebrating women, their rights and respect.

Meghna Singh, a History honours student in Miranda House, was out with her friends for a KayKay concert at the Sri Ram College Of Commerce. All was going well when she felt something odd, and turned around to find a guy behind her. She demanded he leave, which he did, and Singh went back to enjoying the concert. It was only once she went home that she found – to her utter disgust – that the guy had ejaculated on her jeans. Splatters of white discharge were visible on her jeans, of which she took a picture and posted it on her Instagram and Facebook accounts, with the following message:

“concerts are for people to show their love for the person performing on stage and letting some part of their dream come true.
While some people just cannot contain the excitement and feel the urge to jerk off right in middle of the crowd, feel up your butt and just vanish in thin air. I came back home so happy and tipsy on KK’s pyaare songs only to find this.
mard hogaya aaj toh yeh banda, ekdum mard.
Thanks mardo, thanks!”


The very fact that Singh – or any other woman – should have to go through such an experience is enraging enough, though, not uncommon as countless accounts over the years have proved to us. But what is further ridiculous was that there were still people who not only found the situation funny but even trolled her, calling her names and making jokes. Some even accused her of fabricating the incident to gain fame.

Unfazed and unwilling to be bogged down, Singh went on to answer those ‘creeps’ with a lengthy post recounting her experience from the night of the concert. Not only that, she points out exactly why she – and others – need to speak up and raise these issues. Here’s what she say, “As far as seeking attention is concerned,YES I AM SEEKING YOUR ATTENTION and NO, NOT FOR FOLLOWERS. I did not see that guy and don’t have any material evidence to find out who he is, least I can do is take a stand for myself. I just want people to know that things and people like these exist and yes they stoop down to this level. We need to be aware. Girls going to concerts should know that this could happen to them and shouldn’t convince themselves to not react, because duh? This happens. Reaction, retaliation are needed. This happens on a daily basis and is nothing new, but I don’t want to generalise this and make it something you should get “used to” by not talking about it. Stop okay? Speak up, I won’t delete all the stupid stuff people commented because Haq sabko hai bolne ka. Bolo please.”

Read the full post here.


Even her friends have stood by her, responding to trolls – and that too with logic. One such friend had an infuriating exchange with a person who thought Singh’s initial post was ‘funny’. She took screenshots of the entire conversation and shared it on Facebook.

Read them here.


Fed up but not bowing, Singh’s last post indicates that she’s filed an FIR and complaints against both the sexual harassment and cyber bullying, which is probably what the misogynist and insensitive trolls need. “Just filed an F.I.R. in presence of my professors and a lawyer. I’ve filed complaints against both the sexual harassment and cyber bullying. Every THREAT, TROLL, MEME, ABUSE is going to be taken in account by the Police. I have also submitted my jeans for Forensic investigation. Happy commenting to you Fellas,” she says in the post. has reached out to Singh to know whether she’s faced similar harassment offline as well, and if any action has been taken against the cyberbullies.

What continues to shock on the face of such double-standard attituted meted out out to women, especially those who stand up against misdemeanours, is that we claim to be a society and civilisation that worships goddesses. While we rave and rant against the ridiculous refusal of CBFC to grant a certificate to Lisptick Under My Burkha for being too ‘lady oriented’, such behaviour by people who choose to indulge in victim-shaming just shows how much the CBFC is attuned to the sentiments of the public, and much like the unsuspecting ‘fools’ who once thought the ‘p****y grabbing’ Donald Trump could never make it as POTUS, we continue to be shocked and outraged that educated, civilised people can actually indulge in such activities.

But hey, this is the same DU that has a tree dedicated to annual goddesses – this year it’s Disha Patani – for ‘boys to become men’!

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