Happy Diwali 2018: Netizens celebrate Deepavali with jokes and funny memes

The funniest and wittiest Diwali tweets, jokes and memes trending on social media this Deepavali.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: November 7, 2018 6:49:39 pm
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Deepavali or Diwali is here and people around the country are gripped in festive fever. With delicious meals, mouth-watering desserts and sweets, people are set to enjoy the biggest festival in the India with much fanfare. New clothes, colourful rangolis and festive decorations at home and street have set the mood, not to forget the Dandiya nights and Teen Patti parties that are just days away. With desi clothes and songs, people are all set to celebrate the festival of lights with full fervour.

However, a major part of the festival, celebrating with firecrackers have been restricted and people seem to be divided over it. Nevertheless, to keep fun mood of the festival alive, Netizens are cracking jokes and sharing hilarious videos online to capture all the essence of the festivities in the virtual world.

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While hilarious memes on ‘Diwali ki Safai’ dominated the trend on Twitter in days leading up to the festival with people being busy cleaning their homes, UP Police’s ‘Thain Thain’ has become a one-stop solution to all celebrations post 10 pm when firecrackers might not be in play. Not to forget the Rajnikanth memes on this year’s celebration.

As India celebrates Diwali, here are the hilarious and witty tweets capturing the mood of the festival online.

Live Blog

17:04 (IST) 07 Nov 2018
Here's something for you to try this Diwali to deal with all the noise
14:45 (IST) 07 Nov 2018
Do you know someone who is this crazy about celebrating Diwali?
14:32 (IST) 07 Nov 2018
When you have to work on every Diwali

14:26 (IST) 07 Nov 2018
Because old is gold!

14:07 (IST) 07 Nov 2018
The battle of Kaju Katli and Soan Papdi never ends!
13:56 (IST) 07 Nov 2018
When you are too scared of firecrackers!
13:49 (IST) 07 Nov 2018
Because people never get tired of Jio jokes!
13:37 (IST) 07 Nov 2018
When family groups are filled with stickers!
13:32 (IST) 07 Nov 2018
A reminder for all to hit the gym post festive season
13:22 (IST) 07 Nov 2018
Do you agree?
12:08 (IST) 07 Nov 2018
Have you been tricked like this?
12:01 (IST) 07 Nov 2018
Here's your 'Thank You, Next' Diwali meme
11:48 (IST) 07 Nov 2018
Are you guilty of sending forwarded messages?
11:42 (IST) 07 Nov 2018
Demonetisation jokes never get old
11:35 (IST) 07 Nov 2018
How do we all deal with jam this festive season?
11:02 (IST) 07 Nov 2018
How we all are busy recycling soan papdi
10:39 (IST) 07 Nov 2018
Are you missing all these?
10:32 (IST) 07 Nov 2018
Do you fight for sweets like this?
10:30 (IST) 07 Nov 2018
When you try to impress our bae but it doesn't work
10:28 (IST) 07 Nov 2018
Because bubble wrap is the best cracker ever!
15:38 (IST) 06 Nov 2018
Because Anushka Sharma memes can't be miss!
15:26 (IST) 06 Nov 2018
When your phone is bombarded with Diwali greetings!
15:24 (IST) 06 Nov 2018
Oops! Sweet exchange gone wrong during Diwali
15:22 (IST) 06 Nov 2018
What might happen if you burst crackers and don't follow SC orders
14:45 (IST) 06 Nov 2018
When you start classifying firecrackers as you can't burst one!
14:32 (IST) 06 Nov 2018
Did your boss approve your Diwali holiday?
14:30 (IST) 06 Nov 2018
How people plan to deal with firecrackers restriction in Joker style
14:25 (IST) 06 Nov 2018
When it's important to save money even in Diwali
14:12 (IST) 06 Nov 2018
Diwali, the season of gifts and sweets
14:11 (IST) 06 Nov 2018
HR Department in every office now!
14:07 (IST) 06 Nov 2018
The only light you see while going back from office ahead of Diwali
14:05 (IST) 06 Nov 2018
How Delhi couples are romancing this Diwali!
14:04 (IST) 06 Nov 2018
When wordplay can't get any better on this Diwali!
14:01 (IST) 06 Nov 2018
The 'perfect' green crackers for this Diwali!