Delhi traffic policeman returns wallet with Rs 50,000 safely to the owner, refuses to accept any rewards in return

Delhi traffic policeman returns wallet with Rs 50,000 safely to the owner, refuses to accept any rewards in return

An act of sheer honesty is difficult to find these days — but not impossible.

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An example of sheer act of honesty and righteousness. (Source: Jagpreet Singh/Facebook)

In times when people, more often than not, show their selfish sides to others, a traffic policeman’s act of honesty has got people talking. A businessman lost his wallet that contained Rs 50,000 and his cards recently. Of course, with the wallet, he also lost all hopes of getting it back. Because not a lot of people will come across a cash-loaded wallet, and if they do, it’s highly unlikely that they would return it at all. But Sub Inspector Madan Singh did.

Jagpreet Singh, the businessman who lost his wallet, took to Facebook to applaud the traffic official’s honesty and righteousness. After Jagpreet dropped his wallet near Nizammudin Khata, Madan found somebody picking it up. The traffic policeman was quick to take the wallet and keep it in his custody. A day after, to his unexpected and pleasant surprise, Jagpreet got a call informing him about his wallet.

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It is amazing how such acts of honesty continues to take place when all people care for mostly, is themselves. Read his Facebook post here.

Read her Facebook post here.


“I would like to share honesty of Sub Inspector Madan Singh with His id no.6149 ,I dropped my wallet with Cash worth RS.50000.00 near Nizammudin Khata on 7th January 2017 at around 9.30 a.m while pushing my car which was broken in middle of road.I came back home to Preet Vihar,where I figured that my wallet was missing,I tried to search on my car and other places but couldn’t find,then I got a call from Sub inspector Madan Singh who saw one cyclest picking up my wallet from Road and his sharp eyes saw him.he immediately stopped that cyclist and realised that this wallet wasn’t belonged to him,he took custody of my wallet with Cash and foreign currency worth RS.50000.00 along with debit and credit cards with other important IDs.he then searched my wallet and found my visiting card and called me on my cell phone and informed that he found my wallet and informed me about where he found it,and advised me to collect from him from same intersection where I dropped it,I rushed to the spot and met him,to my surprise everything in my wallet was untouched and safe even cash was untouched ,I salute him for his honesty and respect this Delhi traffic police Sub inspector.i tried to reward him too but he politely refused to accept reward and identifed my identity and handed over my wallet to me ,Salute and Respect to this Man,I’m sharing his photo graph. Remember we’ve Good people in police and they will always help us .Please I request Delhi Police to appreciate this Man and his honesty.”