Congress tweets SRK video on India’s diversity, draws flak for politicising his quote

Congress tweets SRK video on India’s diversity, draws flak for politicising his quote

Commissioned by the Ministry of External Affairs, the clip is part of a 2017 documentary that was about Indian’s composite culture.

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Many pointed out that the video was shot years ago and the actor did not support any party so it shouldn’t be used for political agenda.

Shah Rukh Khan released a rap video urging people to vote but it led to political debate online after the Congress shared an old video of the actor to target the BJP.

Responding to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call to motivate young voters to vote, Khan featured in a new video that was released online on Monday. With an apology for joining the awareness campaign late, the Bollywood actor stressed that citizens mustn’t be late to cast their votes.

PM Modi retweeted his rap video and thanked him for supporting the initiative to get more people to vote. The Congress also jumped in, but shared another video featuring Khan to take a jibe at BJP. “.@iamsrk echoes what the Congress Party has been saying for many years now. India is one nation, made glorious by its diversity,” the party tweeted.

In the clip, the Zero actor is heard saying that India, like art, has no religion and speaking about the country’s beautiful diversity.

“Like, art has no religion and I think our country really has no religion and all of them amalgamated together, India is a beautiful painting and all colours just enhance each other, and you take away one colour or start saying this colour is better than the other, I think the painting is not a painting anymore,” Khan says in the clip.


The clip is part of an interview Khan gave Congress leader and documentary filmmaker Yasmin Kidwai for a documentary titled ‘Filmisthaan – The Euphoric State of Bollywood on India and Our Intrinsic Pluralistic Culture’. Commissioned by the Ministry of External Affairs, the 2017 documentary was developed with a focus on pluralism in Indian’s culture. It was screened at the Woodpecker International Film Festival in 2017.

But as the video went viral, it irked many of his fans online, who slammed the Congress for using the actor’s interview for political gain. Many argued that the video retweeted by the PM was not a campaign video, but only an awareness drive to motivate young people to vote. Many also pointed out that what Khan said in the clip is the ethos of India and is not something that is an exclusive view of the Congress.

The actor did not respond to the video being tweeted by the Congress.