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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Chetan Bhagat asked people if they’ll support Narendra Modi if he declared emergency; results will shock you

In another poll, he asked if people will take Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi seriously anymore after his 'earthquake' comment.

By: Trends Desk | Updated: December 29, 2016 2:13:18 pm
Chetan Bhagat asked people if they'd support Narendra Modi if he'll declare emergency Chetan Bhagat asked people if they’d support Narendra Modi if he’ll declare emergency

Author Chetan Bhagat has been on a roll on Twitter with his online polls. Apparently, he is working on an article for which he needs some data and in times of social media, Bhagat thought it best to conduct a Twitter poll to gauge people’s views on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He asked his followers on the micro-blogging site if they’d be okay with Modi as their leader even if it means ‘less democracy’ and if they’ll support him if he declared emergency to curb corruption.

“If u had a choice of keeping Modi as our leader but with less democracy, would u be ok with it?” he asked. Interestingly, out of a little over 10,000 people who voted, 55 per cent opted for, ‘Yes, want Modi as leader’.

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The next question, “Hypothetically, if Modi wanted to declare emergency for a while to totally eradicate corruption and punish corrupt, will you support him?”. Surprisingly, of over 9,000 people who voted, 57 per cent said they’ll support him.

Going by his tweets that followed, the author himself was taken aback after the results and said people either don’t know what democracy means or don’t value it. “Blind support in a leader only hurts the leader and the country. Democracy works when govt held accountable. Valid criticism is a must. A sizeable number of people are ready to give up democracy. Clearly we do not value what we have. Or people don’t understand what it means,” he wrote.

While commenting, people were divided in opinion. T”he intentions could be grand & benevolent, but there’d be so much unintended fallout that you shouldn’t even think of this,” wrote a user. “Issue is not with Democracy as a system. It is with us and the people we elect,” wrote another user.

In another poll, he asked if people will take Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi seriously anymore after his ‘earthquake’ comment. “After his ‘earthquake’ revelations against the PM, will you ever take Rahul Gandhi seriously again?” he wrote and as expected, 70 per cent people of over 6,000 voted a ‘No’.

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Read all his tweets here.

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