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Monday, July 16, 2018

Born hearing and speech impaired, the inspiring story of this entrepreneur will move you

Refusing to let her physical disabilities hold her back, the Mumbai-based deaf and mute entrepreneur got involved in several activities and later found her calling in textiles. After studying it for two years she has now opened her own embroidery business.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: October 2, 2017 12:28:50 pm
inspiring stories, motivational stories, inspiring story of mumbai entrepreneur, inspiring story of mumbai entrepreneur, indian express, indian express news The inspiring story of this Mumbai-based entrepreneur has over 500 shares at the time of writing. (Source: Humans of Bombay/Facebook)

A woman in Mumbai did not let her physical disabilities come on the way in pursuing her dreams. Born hearing and speech impaired, the Mumbai-based entrepreneur has set an example for those who want to chase their dreams. She studied textiles for two years and started her own embroidery business. Sharing her story with the Humans of Bombay page, her mother felt it was the silence that helped her daughter focus “and from her disadvantage came her biggest advantage”. The post has clearly struck a chord and in less than 24 hours has more than 500 shares at the time of writing.

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“When I was 3 months pregnant, I got german measles. Back then, we didn’t have the luxuries of modern medicine and as a result my daughter was born deaf and dumb. We were more upset than she ever was — she was a really happy child, always laughing and melting our hearts. She went to a normal school which catered to children like her. Instead of focusing on 3 languages, she focused on one. Her teachers often said that she was the heart of the class, always taking care of other children and this was true even when her younger sister was born. She took care of her and helped me out so much, that we often forgot that she even had an impairment. She passed her SSC with 58% and we were all so thrilled!
It was only after this that the real world reminded her of her short comings and tried to take advantage of her. She became depressed, but we knew that the only way to go forward was to keep her busy. She studied textile for two years and that’s where she really found her calling. She didn’t stop — she took up dancing and did a beautician course while simultaneously learning how to cook.

The silence actually helped her focus and from her disadvantage came her biggest advantage — she focused all her energy on her new embroidery business…she became an entrepreneur. She receives orders from Kolkata and Kharagpur and she works around the clock to fulfil them. She also caters for people in our neighbourhood, and at night you’ll often find her researching new ideas and designs…she’s so driven. She is completely financially independent, and everyday she works hard to stay that way. Sometimes, when other’s try to bring you down — it motivates you to be better and that’s exactly what she did. She worked in silence and let her success do the talking…and I think that’s something we can all learn from her — to never give up despite the challenges, and go forward in life…all guns blazing.”


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