BJP’s ‘Congress se azadi’ video on Twitter gets opposition’s ‘clap back’, Twiteratti enjoy the show

BJP’s ‘Congress se azadi’ video on Twitter gets opposition’s ‘clap back’, Twiteratti enjoy the show

Twitter handles of the three parties fight their own battles online, replying to each other and not necessarily in simple words.

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Screen grab from BJP’s Twitter wall

The Congress, BJP and the Aam Aadmi Party sure know how to take on each other on social media, courtesy dramatic gifs and memes. It started when BJP’s Twitter handle tweeted about Congress chief Rahul Gandhi ‘staying up all night wondering what new lies to peddle tomorrow morning’. The BJP’s tweet was with regards to a host of issues raised by the Congress chief to target the ruling dispensation at the Centre.

BJP’s tweet invited reactions from both the Congress and AAP, and the ensuing GIF fest left Twiteratti in splits.

The BJP’s video with the voiceover of a rap artist, shows clippings of newspaper reports to slam the Congress party, and ends with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s remark in the Lok Sabha, “Congress mukt bharat is not my slogan. I am just fulfilling (Mahatma) Gandhi’s dream”.

The Congress was swift to reply to the tweet with a gif of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi clapping during Donald Trump’s State of Union Address. The literal ‘clap back’ of Pelosi that many came to identify as “sarcastic” and a “condescending applause” became the latest internet obsession, not escaping the Congress’ eye.

But the show didn’t just end here, as the Aam Aadmi Party, like a spectator enjoying a street fight, reacted with another GIF showing American comedian Stephen Colbert with a bucket of popcorn just simply enjoying the show.

Twitterati weighed in.