Best of 2017: 20 HILARIOUS memes that left everyone ROFL-ing on the Internet

Whether it was Priyanka Chopra's Met Gala dress or Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma's wedding or just a picture of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi passing by, most of the top headlines became fodder for hilarious memes in 2017.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: January 2, 2018 11:47:49 am
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It’s almost time to celebrate as the calendar flips over to a new year. But, when we look back at 2017, what is one thing that entertained people right from the beginning? Setting a new trend on the Internet, memes have taken over the virtual world and Netizens can’t stop twisting news, pictures and even random sentences into funny scenarios with their witty captions.

Whether it was Priyanka Chopra’s Met Gala dress or Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma’s wedding or just a picture of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi passing by, most of the top headlines became fodder for hilarious memes and Twitter buzzed with quirky tweets throughout the year. Here’s a sneak peek of some of the wackiest memes that floated on the Internet in 2017.

The Virushka wedding  

From making fun of an advertisement they featured together in to calling them “BFFs” for their similar confirmation statuses to the time when they supposedly first met, thanks to dandruff, there were many funny memes of Kohli and Sharma’s D-day online.

Honeymoon selfie

When Sharma posted their first ‘honeymoon’ picture against a snowy white backdrop, it got everyone talking and unleashed a set of ‘Game of Thrones’ jokes and it later became a hit meme in Pakistan too.

Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi’s ‘staring contest’ 

A photo by Indian Express photographer Anil Sharma of Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi having a brief moment (yes, with eye contact and all) went viral on the Internet and countless memes were created on it.

Priyanka Chopra’s Met Gala dress

After the Met Gala 2017, there was no dearth of tweets and posts that praised Priyanka Chopra’s dress. But, you can’t have a train like that and not inspire the creativity of our social media humourists. Some called the dress as a triumph of Swachh Bharat Abhijan, others called her the “the most fashionable lady constable in Mumbai Police.”

A scene from Baahubali

If you are among the scores of Indians who watched Baahubali 2, chances are that you noticed this woman from the audience who shone bright. At all pivotal juctures of the movie’s plot, the woman was present, complete with her OTT expressions, of which one of the scenes in which she looks utterly bewildered even became a meme on Twitter.

Kaun Banega Crorepati

The Internet found hilarious memes in Amitabh Bachchan hosted Kaun Banega Crorepati and left no stone unturned to come up with hilarious photo captions for stills from the show.

Shabana Azmi’s photo caption

Veteran actor Shabana Azmi jumped in glee in picturesque Venice, and asked for a photo caption from Twitterati. From Koi Mil Gaya’s Jadu to her husband Javed Akhtar, Tweeple included everyone in her joy ride.

A scene from Newton

A scene from the film Newton has Rajkummar Rao talking to Pankaj Tripathi. While, possibly in the midst of a conversation, Tripathi says, “Main likh ke deta hun, koi nahi aayega” (I can give you in writing no one will come) Rao replies, “likh ke dijiye” (give it to me in writing). This brief exchange was enough for the people on Twitter to wear their thinking caps and make up different and funny scenarios around the line.

Mumbai Police’s Stranger Things GIF

Mumbai Police emphasised on how rules are man’s best ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ (Geddit?!) and with a GIF from Stranger Things advised not to succumb to peer pressure to try drugs.

Salman Khan’s Tubelight poster

Along with the excitement that the Salman Khan-starrer Tubelight generated among the ‘bhai fans’, the poster also became the fodder for meme-makers on social media.

Parineeti Chopra’s power pose

Parineeti Chopra was a stunner on the cover of a magazine, but her posture actually made many sit up and notice. Well, she might have demonstrated a rather powerful and authoritative pose, but juxtapose her into other situations, and you might just catch yourself ROFL-ing.

Salman Khan’s Aisa Pehli Baar Hua Hai song

One of the popular songs from Har Dil Jo Pyaar Karega goes Aisa pehli baar hua hai 17-18 saalon mei… Internet users diligently spotted a video grab of the song with the subtext ad and churned quirky captions to mould it into an absolutely relatable meme. 

Bollywood-inspired friendship memes

While we can go on an endless emotional ramble about the value of friendship, we have picked some of most iconic Bollywood dialogues and scenes that will be quite relatable for you and your friends. Share these epic Bollywood-friendship memes with your best friends and start a laugh riot!

Bengaluru Police’s Titanic reference

Remember the iconic scene from Titanic, where Rose and Jack debate if they are going to take the plunge into the ocean or not? Well, yes, that intense scene brimming with romance and agony between Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio has been used by the Bengaluru city police to pass on an important message on jumping signals.

An old photo of PM Modi

Twitter users dug up an old photo of Narendra Modi and gave funny captions on Twitter. The photo shows the PM tilting his head and smiling, which going by the Twitter reactions, many have interpreted as the ‘coy’ smile one passes “When relatives say ‘Ladka shaadi ke laayak ho gaya hai”, “When friends say …bhai tujhe dekh rahi thi” … well, you get the drift.

The wise man photo

A quirky picture caught the fancy of Tweeple, and they were hilariously engaged in playing caption contest with it. Well, the photo is of the actor Kayode Ewumi who appears as Reece Simpson on a show called #HoodDocumentary that’s broadcast on BBC Three.

The ‘unfaithful man’ photo

In an image that surfaced on the Internet, one man seems to be shamelessly looking at another woman even though he is holding his girlfriend’s hand. The lusty expression of the man as opposed to the startling look on his girlfriend’s face became the hot photo on Twitter and people were busy inserting possible thought bubbles and dialogues into it.

A scene from Half Girlfriend

One of the scenes from the trailer shows Arjun saying, “Sir, myself from village area” when he appears for an admission interview. Twitter users were quick to spot the scene and in no time, made it into an absolutely relatable and hilarious meme!

Rajkummar Rao’s body transformation

Rajkummar Rao shared a collage of three stages of his looks, which is an alarming transformation from how he looked in his two recently released movies — Behen Hogi Teri and Trapped to how he is going to look in Bose, his upcoming film. While most people on the Internet are yet to come to terms with his look, others have got down to business — make hilarious memes of the collage.

Don‘s iconic dialogue

A still from the epic Amitabh Bachchan movie ‘Don’ also became a bonafide meme on the Internet. Iftekhar Ahmed essays the role of DSP D’Silva in the 1978 movie and his monologue from the movie: “Hum ne tumhe chaaro taraf se gher liya hai” is now a toy at the hand of meme-makers. With hilarious yet absolutely relatable captions, Twitterati seem to be loving them!

Which meme was your favourite one in 2017? Tell us in the comments below.

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