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Woman stranded on the road thanks Bengaluru police for help, Twitterati send their gratitude as well

Aparna Vinod, while thanking the Bengaluru police for their help, said the Bengaluru police team sent an auto to pick her and her friend up, and much to their surprise they did not charge a penny extra. This only helps in reinstating our faith in the system.

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The screenshot of her message was shared by Bengaluru police. (Source: Aparna Vinod/Facebook)

With every passing day, women’s safety is becoming a grave concern. Instances of women being molested in public spaces have become a regular phenomenon and so is the inability of police to curb such crimes. This maybe the larger picture and perhaps even the general consensus, but it is not the only narrative. There are also several police officers who are doing their duty, albeit silently, and are working in their own way to make things better for general populace.

Aparna Vinod, a resident of Bengaluru, experienced this in close quarters when a month back on May 27, she along with her friend were literally stranded on the road, with rain making matters worse. She, along with her friend were kept waiting for close to two hours as they tried frantically to book cabs, but to no avail. However, a police vehicle, passing by the spot helped them to reach safely. Overwhelmed with gratitude, Vinod shared her experience on social media. Though it happened a month back, Bengaluru Police Commissioner Praveen Sood shared a screenshot of her post and shared it on Twitter today, and needless to say they have won social media.

This is what she wrote.

“#BengaluruCityPolice, would like to thank you !
Last evening a friend and me were stuck in Indiranagar for over an hour with no sign of Uber or Ola agreeing to take us back home at 10pm. To add to our woes the rain made it impossible for us to walk up to find an auto. As we helplessly stood in front of the hotel where we had our dinner, we saw a traffic police vehicle go past. I ran up the vehicle in the rain and asked them to help us find a ride. To be honest we were extremely doubtful of any help coming our way, but you proved us wrong :) Your team actually sent an auto to pick us up!
The driver didn’t even charge exhorbitantly ( infact we were more than happy to pay, as he had to ferry us back to Hennur through lashing rain ). Both #Uber and #Ola where running on surge pricing all of last night and being unresponsive to all bookings.
But you guys and the auto driver were the real heros of last night. I can’t tell you how reassured we were to know that when in need, we can count on you guys ! Thanks yet again. I could not get the names of the team who helped us as we were soaking in the rain. But i do know that they are from the Indiranagar Police Station. If it all you happen to read this – A big thank you to you guys !”

This is what Sood shared on Twitter today, and one can sense a subtle sense of complaint in the commissioner’s voice of perhaps not getting their due.

Social media is not only all praise for them but are also sharing their individual experiences when they too received help from the police.

Speaking to indianexpress.com Vinod expressed her gratitude towards the cops and said she was lucky to have found them. “I have always asked the police for help and even in the past I have not been disappointed,” she says. The reason why she chose to highlight the issue this time was because she was appalled at how alarmingly dependent we have come to become on travel aggregators.