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‘Historical landmark’, ‘must visit’: With mock reviews, Bengaluru residents take a dig at pothole menace

Those in Bengaluru have often resorted to innovative methods to shed light on poor roads in the city. The latest such creative effort has gone viral in no time.

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Known as the Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru boasts of being home to leading tech companies and a thriving urban population. Poor road infrastructure, however, is something the rapidly growing city is yet to fully address.

Time and again, residents of Bengaluru have taken to innovative ways to shed light on the issue and raise the demand for safer roads. On Tuesday, one such creative effort by Bengaluru residents to take a dig at the pothole menace went viral in no time.

A popular Twitter account, Nimo Tai (@Cryptic_Miind) shared screenshots of a Google location that was basically a pothole. The address for ‘Abizer’s Pothole’, which has been logged as a “historical landmark in Bangalore”, is mentioned as Bellandur, a suburb in southeast Bangalore. Many placed mock reviews in praise of the crater that had gathered 10 five-star reviews.

“Very good pothole. Must visit at least once. Guaranteed to hit your chassis in the right places,” a review said. “Ever since its appearance real estate is booming in the area, in case you are inconvenienced by the pothole there is a conveniently located physiotherapist right opposite,” another stated.

“Top tier pothole, great location very close to many grocery stores and all good schools,” quipped one Google reviewer. Screenshots of these reviews are being widely circulated on Twitter. Netizens have even recommended that all potholes should be added on Google maps and named after politicians who are in charge of maintaining the area.

Echoing this thought, a Twitter user wrote, “a great idea to pin it on Google. Could’ve named it after the local corporator or MLA/MP. Let them have their day on Google as well when their pothole tops search results😂 Should start this in Mumbai too”

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Interestingly, the link to the pothole’s Google location seems to have been deleted hours after the tweet about its review went viral.

First published on: 20-09-2022 at 16:18 IST
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