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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Bangalore auto driver films woman passenger on phone, she shares her ‘most horrifying experience ever’

No girl should got through this.

By: Express Web Desk | Updated: July 29, 2016 1:50:45 pm
A girl in Bangalore was being recorded by her auto driver A girl in Bangalore was being recorded by her auto driver

Days after an Ola driver was arrested for allegedly filming a passenger in Delhi, similar incident happened in Bangalore. A woman in the city caught her auto driver recording her moves on a phone taped on top of the vehicle.

The woman, who doesn’t want to be named, narrated the whole incident on Facebook. On a rainy night of July 24, all the cab drivers refused to take her to her destination. It was then that she decided to take an auto, though “he was kinda creepy’. As soon as the driver applied brakes near a pothole, a phone dropped from top of the auto and the girl saw that “the camera was on, on video mode, and also the flash was on”.

The girl was quick to think that she should reach her destination first before reacting to the situation so she could get help from her friends. Though the driver sensed her fury and started begging her for forgiveness. “Then he again stopped the auto and started apologising by touching my feet. while his face was near my feet I couldn’t help but kick him in his face and told him to keep going or else I would scream and call the cops,” she wrote.

Upon reaching, unfortunately, there were no policemen in the area so she called her friend. The driver, meanwhile, caught hold of the girl’s hand and tried to snatch the phone. A few people who were standing nearby walked forward and the girl thought that they’ll help her. But what happened was shocking.

The men asked the girl to forget about it and not create a scene. “I thought they ll help, but NO! they started yelling at me to NOT make a scene and let the autowala go!” she writes.

Eventually, the auto driver left.

You can read her full post here.

The girl shared details of the auto driver and her post has gone viral on social media.

“All this makes me so sad! What world are we living in! First of all we can’t really do much about these creeps walking around us like that, they are everywhere, and they will continue to do what they do until someone punishes them. And makes them realise that this is absolutely sick. Secondly, what about these boys who ganged up on me and told me not make a scene and let him go because he was apologising? Even after knowing what had happened! It’s like saying sorry after raping a girl and people supporting him because he is apologising?” she writes.

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