Ashwin Ravichandran’s wife bowls Twitterati by revealing CRAZY details of their FIRST night

Ashwin Ravichandran’s wife bowls Twitterati by revealing CRAZY details of their FIRST night

Ashwin Ravichandran and wife Prithi were not together on their anniversary this year. However, the couple made up by exchanging these cute tweets. While, Ravichandran's wish was simple and sweet, it was his wife that added a little spice to it.

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Ashwin Ravichandran’s wife had a witty reply to her husband’s anniversary wish. (Source: Prithi Ashwin/Twitter)

On November 13, cricketer Ashwin Ravichandran and wife Prithi Ashwin completed six years of togetherness. Taking to social media, the bowling star shared a sweet message for his wife, telling her how the time passed quickly and also thanked her for being there with him through ‘thick and thin’. However, what came next is pretty much what we loved about the exchange.

Replying to Ravichandran’s message, Prithi added a touch of humour and wit to the exchange. In her tweet, while accepting the crickter’s wish, she asked him if their marriage was strong enough to withstand a “keto” together? For those of you who are not aware of a keto or ketogenic diet, it an intensive low carb diet where, due of low food intake, the body produces ketones in the liver to be used as energy. During the process, the body breaks down fat in the liver and the end goal is a stable metabolic state. Basically, it is not a diet that everyone can handle. Read their adorable tweet talk here.

However, that was not the end. Soon, she shared another intimate detail via a tweet about the couple and left everyone stumped. She first informed how she was advised by her family to let Ravichandran “sleep” on their first night as he had a match the next day. She also added ‘as iffff’ next to that line to make the readers giggle and guffaw at the thought. That’s not all, she hilariously shared how difficult it was for her to recognise her husband the first time she went to watch his test match – on the next day of her marriage.

Other than this cute exchange, many fans also took to social media to wish and bless the sassy couple. While some complimented them for their adorable conversations and captions, others appreciated their idea of taking the tough diet together. Here are some reactions you can’t miss.

Later, Prithi thanked the numerous fans and well wishers who congratulated them. Giving it a touch of pun and sarcasm, she told them they could’ve also sent some cake as her husband is away and she is sulking alone at home.

While Ravichandran’s wish was overly adorable, it was Prithi’s reply that added all the sass to it. What do you think? Tell us in the comments section below.