Anushka Sharma-starrer Pari’s new trailer is giving Twitterati goosebumps

Anushka Sharma-starrer Pari’s new trailer is giving Twitterati goosebumps

Anushka Sharma decided to celebrate Valentine's Day in a different way and shared the trailer of 'Pari'. Visuals from the horror film have scared people on social media out of their wits. Sharma, in the trailer walks in the air, holds people by their necks and occasionally looks at the camera with her blood-smeared face.

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How excited are you to watch Anushka Sharma’s Pari? (Source: Clean Slate Films/YouTube)

While people on social media were busy tweeting out all things love on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Anushka Sharma decided to celebrate the day in a different way. The actor shared the trailer of her upcoming film Pari where she is seen doing inexplicable things, and looking horrifying, to say the least. “This Holi, the devil’s out to play,” she wrote. The trailer, that comes after the teaser, has scared the wits out of people on the Internet. Not only are people impressed with it but also had goosebumps while watching it.


This short clip, much like the teaser, has people on social media hooked and very scared. While someone wrote, “I’d say “SLAY BLOODY ANUSHKA” but I am afraid that she actually will,” others have shared particular scenes from the trailer that scared them more than the rest. Another user who was scared and impressed with the trailer, wrote, “[S]caringly terrific, that’s how horror movies should be made. i had goosebumps throughout the trailer.” echoing this, another wrote,  “Dear @AnushkaSharma , when I first saw you in rnbdj i thought that you were a sweet girl and I swear I never ever thought that I might get scared of you… But #pari is proving me wrong…. I am literally scared of you now.. and you are haunting me at night.”

Here are some of the tweets.

Some also made memes and of course it had Virat Kohli.

Directed by debutant Prosit Roy, the film also stars Rajat Kapoor, Parambrata Chatterjee and Ritabhari Chakraborty and hits the screens on March 2. The first look of the film also had quite an effect on people on social media.

These were the ways people had reacted then.