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African-American man understands Malayalam spoken by his mother-in-law. Watch

The African-American man understood Malayalam spoken by his mother-in-law and netizens loved it.

African-American man, mother-in-law, Malayalam, viral videoThe video was posted seven days ago and it has received a whopping 3.7 million views so far.

Households that are bi-lingual or multi-lingual because of people from different cultures marrying each other are quite fun. When people live together, they start to understand each other’s language and it’s delightful to witness their conversations.

A now-viral video shows just that as an African-American man tries to understand his Malayalam-speaking mother-in-law. The video was posted on the Instagram account jenovajuliannpryor which belongs to a woman named Jenova Juliann Pryor.

“When my Indian mother speaks Malayalam to my African American husband and he understands!” says a text insert on the video.

“If you are hungry, the uppmav is ready to eat,” the woman is heard saying to the man in Malayalam. He thinks a little at first before responding, “Uppmav is ready to eat.”

Then the woman says to the man, “What does veshipu mean?” The man finally gets the whole meaning of the sentence and is cheered loudly.

“My hubby @loansigningzel is learning malayalam so well. He’s getting even better than me. LOL. Need to up my game asap. Lol,” says the caption of the video.

Watch the video below:

The video was posted seven days ago and it has received a whopping 3.7 million views so far. Netizens were quite impressed by the man as one user said he deserved an award.

“Damn give this mhan a award,” commented an Instagram user. “Ohhhh my god he understood,” wrote another. “Yayyyyy! Malayalam is becoming international,” said a third.

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“Not my mom speaking Spanish to my white husband and him understanding,” shared another netizen.

First published on: 10-08-2022 at 12:46:20 pm
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