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Saturday, January 23, 2021

From ‘Mizoram boy’ to protesters singing ‘Baby Shark’, 15 good things that happened this year

Year Ender 2019: From the Muslim man who broke fast to donate blood to Hindu patient to nurse dancing to ‘The Jingle Bell Rock’ to cheer up toddler recovering from cancer, we bring to some of the good news stories of 2019.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: December 31, 2019 4:36:04 pm
year ender 2019, good news 2019, heartwarming stories 2019, news stories, year 2019, As 2019 comes to an end, we bring to you some of the good things that happened this year.

As the year 2019 draws to a close, there have been several moments throughout the year that warmed the hearts of netizens. While this year brought in a plethora of new trends, challenges and social media stars, we shortlisted a few that went viral. From the video of a deaf father signing to his newborn daughter to the policewomen who attended babies of mothers giving an exam, we bring you some of the good news stories that spread joy and happiness in 2019.

1. Mizoram boy accidentally runs over chicken, takes it to hospital with all the money he has

Mizoram boy, Mizoram, boy runs over chicken, Mizoram viral post, little boy saves chicken, “This young boy from Sairang, Mizoram, accidentally ran over his neighbour’s chicken with his cycle,” read the post.

A picture of a little boy from Mizoram went viral on social media after the 6-year-old rushed an injured chicken he ran over to the hospital and offered to pay for the treatment with his pocket money. Identified as Derek C Lalchhanhima, the little boy later received a ‘Word of Appreciation’ certificate from his school for the good deed.

2. Muslim man breaks fast to donate blood to Hindu patient

muslim man donates blood ramzan, man breaks fast donate blood, assam man breaks roza blood, muslim man donate blood hindu man, ramzan, ramadan, ramzan fasting, good news, assam news, indian express Humanity above religion, Assam man wins hearts donating blood to Hindu man by breaking fast.

When most Muslims around the world observed the holy month of Ramzan, a man in Assam broke his fast to donate blood to a Hindu man. Twenty-six-year-old Panaulla Ahmad from Mangaldoi district decided to break his fast to help a patient in dire need of blood. Resting after his ‘sehri’ (pre-dawn meal), Ahmad noticed his roommate Tapash Bhagawati, who is part of the Team Humanity — an all-India organisation that links blood donors to patients, had received a call the previous night about a patient who needed two units of O-positive blood. However, despite a rigorous search and online appeals, Dhemaji district’s resident Rajan Gogoi’s family failed to procure donors, Panaullah offered to donate the blood himself.

3. Deaf man uses signs to talk with daughter, video warms hearts online

father signs with new born baby viral video, asl, sign language, deaf father signs with new born daughter, viral video, trending, indian express The 41-second clip features a man affectionately holding a newborn baby in his arms while communication with her using sign language.

A heartwarming video of a deaf father interacting with his newborn daughter in sign language had left many teary-eyed. The video was shared on Twitter by retired US basketball professional Rex Chapman along with a caption that read, “This hearing-impaired father expressing love to his newborn daughter in sign-language is the definitely Twitter content I’m here for.”

Viewed over 4.5 million times, the 41-second clip features a man affectionately holding a newborn baby in his arms while communicating with her in sign language.

4. Man rescues dog after its leash gets stuck in elevator

dog leash caught elevator, man save dog caught in elevator, dog saved from elevator, viral news, good news, indian express Luckily, the man had just got off on the same floor and was there to help the dog.

A Texas man was lauded online after his prompt thinking saved a dog after its leash was caught in between elevator doors. Surveillance footage showed a woman with a ginger Pomeranian getting inside the lift, however, her furbaby shows hesitance to step in before the door closes. As the elevator starts moving upwards, the man promptly swung into action to save the dog, detaching the entangled leash from the collar.

5. Netizens laud Assam police women who attended to babies while their mothers sat for exam

Assam police look after babies while mothers wrote exam, Assam Police, Teachers' Eligibility Test in Assam, TET, Trending, Indian Express news The post soon went viral and many reacted to appreciate the women who went beyond their call of duty.

Two policewomen from Assam were lauded on social media after a picture of them attending to infants while the mothers appeared for an examination went viral on the internet. The heartwarming incident took place at the Don Bosco High School in Mangaldoi, where several women took part in the Teachers’ Eligibility Test (TET). Before entering the examination hall, some of the TET aspirants handed over their babies to the policewomen who were deployed to guard the exam centre.

6. Boy with Down Syndrome comforts an autistic classmate

down syndrome kid consoling autistic kid, viral videos, kids videos, down syndrome, kids with autism, indian express, Soon the video spread on Reddit and Twitter, where people said this was “what empathy looks like”.

A video of a little boy comforting his crying friend in a classroom has taken social media by storm. The touching video shows a child with Down Syndrome soothing a classmate who is autistic. The video was reportedly shot by a teacher at a school in Mexico and quickly went viral on social media platforms.

7. Jamia students, alumni clean roads outside campus after protest, earn praise online

jamia protest, jamia millia islamia, jamia students clean roads, jamia protest cleanliness drive, viral videos, delhi news, caa jamia protest, indian express A group of 10 -12 men, present students and alumni members joined hands to clean the Delhi road.

A day after the police crackdown in the Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) campus in New Delhi, a video of students and alumni cleaning the roads leading to the university had gone viral. The group of volunteers came together to clean up the roads in the New Friends Colony area of Delhi after Monday’s protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and against the Delhi Police’s actions on the campus.

8. Pune housemaid’s visiting card goes viral, gets job offers from across country

Pune housemaid visiting card, geeta kale, geeta kale visiting card, pune househelp, pune house help visiting card, viral story, good news, trending, indian express, indian express news Shinde’s attempt to help turned out to be bigger than she expected it to be.

A housemaid seeking work with the help of a visiting card became an overnight internet sensation. When Geeta Kale, who works as a domestic help around Bavdhan area in Pune, lost work at a house, she was left feeling sad and dejected. However, little did she know that with the simple assistance by another employer — Dhanashree Shinde — she would become the talk of the town.

9. A boy invited his kindergarten classmates to adoption hearing, they showed up with hearts

Adoption hearing of Michael Clark Jr Michael Clark Jr (left) at his adoption hearing with his classmates

When five-year-old Michael Clark Jr was being adopted, all his classmates from kindergarten were invited for the hearing. In a heartwarming gesture, his classmates filled up the rows of the Kent County courtroom in Michigan and even told the judge about just how much their classmate meant to them. So when Michael’s adoption was being finalised, his classmates waved hearts in the background.

10. Hyderabad woman constable breastfeeds baby found outside hospital, earns respect online

police breastfeed baby, cop breastfed abandoned baby, police constable breastfed stranger baby, kindness, Hyderabad police, good news, indian express, viral news Constable Priyanka is currently on maternity leave and rushed to the police station to help the baby.

A woman police constable in Hyderabad won hearts online with her act of kindness by breastfeeding a two-month-old baby who was found outside a hospital. Priyanka, who is currently on maternity leave, rushed to the police station as her husband M. Ravinder, a police constable himself informed her about the crying infant, who kept wailing due to hunger.

11. Protesters in Lebanon sing ‘Baby Shark’ for toddler who got caught in a protest

lebanon protest, baby shark, lebanon protest baby shark, lebanon tax protest, viral news, good news, indian express The mother of the toddler thanked the crowd for going above and beyond for her kid.

People in Lebanon took to streets to protest against the government’s economic reforms, that included new taxes. However, despite the anger on the streets, a heartwarming gesture by a group of protesters for a toddler went viral on social media. The video shows a group of protesters singing the hit song ‘Baby Shark’ for a little child who was caught in the protest.

12. Over 4,800 people queue for stem cell test to help 5-yr-old fighting cancer

leukaemia, cancer, leukaemia stem cell treatment, stranger help cancer patient, blood stem cell donor, good news, viral news, indian express Over the weekend nearly 5000 people turned up to help the little kid.

In a heartwarming gesture, thousands of people in the United Kingdom turned up to sign the stem cell register and donate blood to help a five-year-old fighting blood cancer. Undeterred by heavy showers over 4000 people queued up outside Pitmaston Primary School in Worcester, which hosted a special drive for prospective donors to give a swab sample and donate blood to be considered.

13. Texas professor praised after photo of her carrying student’s baby during class

Professor helps with student's baby so she could prepare for test, Trending, Indian Express news Haley Yates also wrote in the tweet that she was forever grateful to her teacher for the gesture.

A professor from Texas was praised on social media after a picture of her holding a student’s child during a class went viral. The picture, that was shared by Twitter user Haley Yates, said that her professor Barbie Hicks decided to help out with her baby who she had taken to class, so she could prepare for a test.

14. Kerala MLA tells people to give him books instead of flowers, donates them to schools

Kerala MLA tells people to greet him with books and not flowers, Vattiyoorkavu, Vattiyoorkavu constituency, Kerala News, Trending, Indian Express news The MLA, through his Facebook page, announced that he received over 3500 books.

A Kerala MLA was praised on social media after he asked people to give him books instead of flowers when they meet him. CPM MLA VK Prasanth promised to donate those books to the libraries of various government schools in the constituency. Prasanth, who became an MLA in the Vattiyoorkavu constituency after winning the bypolls in the state, requested people who wanted to give him flowers to give books instead.

15. Nurse dances to ‘The Jingle Bell Rock’ to cheer up toddler recovering from cancer

Nurse dance to Christmas song to cheer up toddler recovering from Leukemia, Nurse dancer to Jingle bells rock to cheer up patient, North Carolina, Christmas, Trending, Indian Express news Marcia Love-Bowens turned on the music from her phone and danced to entertain the toddler who had reportedly turned a little ‘fussy’ earlier in the day.

A doting nurse won hearts on online after she was captured dancing to a Christmas song to cheer up a three-year-old recovering from cancer. Marcia Love-Bowens, a nurse’s assistant at Brenner Youngsters’ Hospital in Salem-Winston, North Carolina, was dancing to the famous Christmas song ‘The Jingle Bell Rock’ to cheer up Pearl Monroe, who was diagnosed with Leukemia.

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