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Wrestlemania 2018: It’s raining memes and jokes as Undertaker defeated John Cena

From John Cena's sprint at Wrestlemania 34 to Ronda Rousey's stunning moment when she tackled Triple H, WWE fans couldn't keep calm on social media. What was your favourite moment from the event?

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The Undertaker returned to Wrestlemania 2018 and took on John Cena’s challenge. Memes and jokes followed suit. (Source: WWE)

When it comes to WWE, wrestling buffs cannot imagine WrestleMania without the greatest Undertaker. And amid all speculations and apprehension if the hero will be part of the WrestleMania 34 or not. And excitement escalated when the 16-time World Champion John Cena challenged The Deadman to fight it out at the grand stage. Cena promised to sit in the crowd if he didn’t get his match against The Undertaker. Well, the seven-hour event at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans was filled with a lot of action, drama and of course surprises. The biggest was probably when Undertaken ‘rose from the dead’ to take on Cena’s challenge. But even before the match started, Cena’s reaction when a referee whispered something into his ears. (Only later was it decoded that he was informed about Undertaker’s arrival.)

As if lightning had struck Cena, he was seen sprinting up the ramp and backstage. and Twitter quickly turned this run into a hit meme! Many found it very similar to Tom Hanks’ famous run in Forrest Gump.

And if all these were not enough, then when the battle of the century finally happened as the duo took the mega stage, fans were shocked if not upset. Yes, a few minutes approximately 3 minutes, the Undertaker took Cena down. And they couldn’t stop cracking jokes.

One moment from their dramatic match too turned into a funny meme. As Cena waved his hands over the 53-year-old wrestlers face, he sat up and in a very WWE-manner, Cena ran away, again! Some thought it was very similar to how we run away seeing a cockroach. Relatable, isn’t it?

There were other memes from the match too highlighting some amazing bouts and dramatic outcomes. Here are some of our favourites, check them out.

What was your favourite moment from WrestleMania 34? tell us in comments below.