Woman shares photo of her outfit ‘twinning’ with office carpet, others HILARIOUSLY follow suit on Twitterhttps://indianexpress.com/article/trending/trending-globally/womans-dress-same-as-carpet-funny-twitter-reactions-5214078/

Woman shares photo of her outfit ‘twinning’ with office carpet, others HILARIOUSLY follow suit on Twitter

What would you do if you found out that the dress you have been meaning to flaunt at work happens to be the exact same coloured fabric that the office rug is made of? Well, if you are a sport like Ilona Burton, you'll have a good laugh over it!

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Camouflage game on! This is how ladies on social media are NOT being said for their wrong office attire. (Source: Ilona Burton/Twitter)

The second most recurrent wardrobe nightmare that a lot of women have is to see someone dressed up exactly the way they are (first is a terrible fashion faux pas).  Well, in the case of Ilona Burton, a Twitter user, it was not another colleague who was wearing the same grey striped dress that she wore. She realised that she was twinning with the carpet, no less! While most of us would have looked for a spot to go hide ourselves in in such cases, Burton decided to be a sport and tweeted out a picture of her lying on the office rug with the caption: “When you come into work dressed as the carpet. I am MORTIFIED” she tweeted.

Long story short, Netizens lauded Burton for being brave enough to crack a joke on herself and then, in a pleasant but unprecedented turn of events, proceeded to share pictures from the time they twinned with their environment.

Some joked at hervexpense and asked her if it was her first day at work.

Because Twitter is not always about trolls and offensive jokes, here are the women who supported her because, as it turned out, she obviously was in great company! They even shared some pictures of them camouflaged in similar interiors of their workplace.

Good to see such supportive people on social media, ain’t it?!