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Woman’s bathroom selfie goes viral after Twitterati point out everything that’s wrong with the loo

A woman took a selfie in her bathroom. Even though everything was perfect about the way she looked, Twitterati couldn't stop pointing out all that was wrong with her loo. See the picture here.

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Planning to upload a bathroom selfie? Beware! Read on to know what happened. (Source: Paula1Sophia/Twitter)

Selfies seem to have taken the world by storm. From celebrities to common folks, most people seem to be obsessed with the trend, which clearly is here to stay. However, social media is a strange place where one can never predict the reaction of people, and that’s exactly what happened when Paula was trolled after she uploaded a selfie.

The picture posted on her Twitter handle @Paula1Sophia was clicked in the bathroom. Interestingly, it was her loo that caught all the attention on social media.

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Captioned, “Pretty little thing,” the selfie shows Paula in a bathroom, sitting on the sink with her back turned towards the mirror and her tongue out. Although nothing was said about the way she looked, it was the backdrop that did all the damage. Can you guess what Twitterati were talking about? Check out the picture here.

Still wondering what’s wrong with the picture? Well, the comments were full of things that people thought were misplaced in the bathroom. While some wondered who designed the bathroom, other pointed out that the charging point was at the wrong spot. Many others were left confused after looking at it. Here are some of the other reactions:

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