‘Savage’: Wikipedia throwing shade at Twitter for lack of edit button on its birthday is winning the Internethttps://indianexpress.com/article/trending/trending-globally/wikipedia-throwing-shade-at-twitter-for-a-lack-of-edit-button-on-its-birthday-is-winning-the-internet-5639430/

‘Savage’: Wikipedia throwing shade at Twitter for lack of edit button on its birthday is winning the Internet

"Wikipedia being savage to Twitter on Twitter is the best," users on the micro-blogging site were thrilled by the epic banter and said it was the highlight of the year!

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When 18-year-old Wikipedia called out 13-year-old Twitter on Twitter, Netizens loved it.

Twitter, Netizens’ favourite micro-blogging platform just turned 13 recently and got dubbed as a “young rebellious teen” online for one snarky remark. Confused?

Well, it all began when the self-proclaimed ‘old’ Wikipedia wished the platform a Happy Birthday on the day it came into existence with a series of tweets. The free online encyclopedia listed out various facts and tidbits on Twitter’s birthday — something that the micro-blogging platform clearly didn’t like much. So what happened next was a hilarious banter online, leaving users on the platform laughing out loud.

Wikipedia, which is an ocean of information, in a thread continued to share information about the micro-blogging site, from the date of its inception to how many days since it got its new font, extended characters and much more.

As Wikipedia wrote all this before inviting Netizens to learn more from their website, even though people enjoyed the stats, Twitter had a not-so-enthusiastic response and in a sarcastic tweet said, “Love that you know us so well.”

Insulted by the remark, Wikipedia wasn’t going to be admonished by an arrogant teen who refuses to learn. So, it decided to school it on the persistent debate about the ‘Edit’ button on Twitter.


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“Thirteen years old, @Twitter! You young rebellious teen you,” the encyclopedia said adding, “Do you take advice from old fogies like Wikipedia? We could teach you about the mystical “edit button”…” The vast database which is created and edited by volunteers around the world certainly bragged about its own feature taking a jibe at the teen for its missing feature.

The tweet immediately became a hit on Twitter! But some Netizens were quick to point out that Wiki themselves turned 18 and is merely an adult not old. For others, it was an epic crossover and conversation they didn’t know they were missing!

Do you think it’s time for an edit button on Twitter?