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150-year-old wedding dress found thanks to viral Facebook post

The dress was a family heirloom from the 1870s, which had belonged to the bride's great-great grandmother.

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The beautiful 150-year-old hand-made antique wedding gown was lost by the 29-year-old. (Source: Tess Newall/Facebook)

Social media can work wonders in reaching out to far way corners of the world. But, what if the online universe conspired to help you reach out to something precious that you had lost a long time ago? Well, something similar happened with Tess Newall, a resident of Scotland.

A beautifully embroidered 150-year-old hand-made antique wedding gown was lost by the 29-year-old when she gave it to a dry cleaner shop. A family heirloom from the 1870s, the dress belonged to the great-great grandmother of Newall from the town of Morham in the East Lothian region of Scotland.

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It went missing when Kleen Cleaners in Edinburgh closed down permanently as a result of bankruptcy last year. Tess wore the antique lace gown when she married husband Alfred Newall, 30, in June 2016 and gave it in for dry-cleaning later that year. The wedding dress has been found months after it was lost by the distressed bride.


A recent Facebook post about the loss of her dress was shared more than 200,000 times across social media. The post went viral and coincidentally, it reached the shop owners. In a dream-come-true moment, she found a “crumpled heap” of antique lace at the closed shop after getting a phone call from the landlord of the shop.

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“My parents received a phone call this afternoon from the landlord of the property where the dry cleaners is, whose nephew had read about the dress,” she told BBC. “He really searched and he found a pile of old lace which he realised was what he thought was the dress. My parents went straight there and were just overjoyed and couldn’t believe it was the dress, not cleaned, and still with its ticket,” Newall added.

She said she still planned to have the dress cleaned, but probably at a lace specialist in London. She added: “Somewhere where we can’t let it out of our sight”.

A representative of Wylie & Bisset showed up after weeks of ignoring their pleas and insisted that for “procedural reasons” he must take it back to his office in Glasgow. However, he assured that it will be delivered safely back by Monday.

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