WATCH: This Korean girl tries to pose as Indian, speaks Hindi and dances — ROFL!

WATCH: This Korean girl tries to pose as Indian, speaks Hindi and dances — ROFL!

'Mere se shaadi karoge? Main khoobsurat hoon.'

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A Korean girl tries her best to convince that she’s an Indian with her Hindi speaking skills! (Source: Tejaswini Bukke/Facebook)

It is always a delight to watch people of different ethnic origin trying to speak Hindi. Be it President Obama or even Donald Trump’s dismissible attempt, it usually warms the cockles of our Indian hearts to hear someone trying out one of our languages. So, when the video clip of a Korean girl not just speaking in Hindi, but also wearing a red sari and dancing (very strangely, we have to admit, and more like an Arabian dance than anything close to what we have), went viral on the Internet, our hearts swelled, and our eyes welled!

The video is a clip from the popular Korean sitcom called High Kick 3 and features two Korean girls at a police station. The two girls — Soo-jong and Ji-won play an American and Indian girl, respectively, as extras in a commercial. Though the clip has just gone viral, the actual episodes were aired back in 2012.

The women are shown as getting arrested for taking a wrong U-turn. When taken to the police station, they choose to be in character and continue to maintain their fake identities. But what makes the clip absolutely hilarious is not just that the girl speaks in Hindi, but that she goes on repeating the one and the only Hindi line she knows, so as to convince the official that she’s not Korean. And the epic line that she keeps saying on loop is: “Mere se shaadi karoge? Main khoobsurat hoon.” (Will you marry me? I am beautiful.)

And that’s all she has to say to the officer, but she says it such adorable conviction! If that wasn’t all, she even breaks into a dance, to further convince him of her ethnicity, and also manages to squeeze in a couple of “Namastes”, because, duh, a Namaste is exactly what it would take to convince an officer of law!

But did he believe them?

But did he believe them? Watch the video here.

The clip has been shared 11,115 times on Facebook at the time of writing.