WATCH: Michelle Obama took the Mannequin Challenge, and nailed it!

WATCH: Michelle Obama took the Mannequin Challenge, and nailed it!

The latest craze to hit the Internet is the Mannequin Challenge, and no one's spared — from Paul McCartney to FLOTUS!

Have you taken the Mannequin Challenge yet? (Source: Twitter)

If you haven’t yet participated in the latest Internet craze (aside from the Barack Obama-Joe Biden memes we can’t get enough of), then knock yourself out of your silo and get going immediately; in fact, go still… really, really still. This is the coolest thing to hit the social media space ever since the Ice Bucket Challenge and closer home, the Beat pe Booty challenge.

All November, we’ve had Netizens, including celebrities, standing still for several moments participating in the Mannequin Challenge, set to the song ‘Black Beatles’ by rap duo Rae Sremmurd. So much so, the duo themselves did a live version of the challenge during a concert last week.

While this has become a victory celebration for many sporting teams, people across the world have taken up the challenge to post the coolest of videos, and when we talk cool, how can we not talk about at least one, if not both, of the Obamas. (Oh, how they’ll be missed!) Well, recently LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers did a version of the challenge with none other than US First Lady Michelle Obama herself at the White House. The team was being honoured at the White House for winning the NBA title in June.

Watch the video here:


The team shared the video on Twitter with the message: “Freezing our @WhiteHouse visit in time forever with @FLOTUS!#MannequinChallenge”

Others to take the challenge are Paul McCartney, Adele, Brittany Spears, Ellen DeGeneres, etc. Check out some of them here:

In one case, the challenge was taken on to highlight police violence against Black people and people of colour in the US. Watch the video here:

Have you taken the Mannequin Challenge yet?