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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Viral video: A grandmother plays the piano in her home wrecked by the Beirut explosion

Her granddaughter said that the woman "pushed through her pain and found peace and hope at the keys of the only undamaged item" as she played the song on the 60-year-old piano. The video has struck a chord with many online.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: August 7, 2020 2:51:11 pm
Video of the elderly woman playing “Auld Lang Syne” on a piano in her Beirut home is widely being shared online. (Source: May Abboud Melki/ Facebook)

A clip of an elderly woman playing the piano in her house despite being surrounded by debris and devastation following the explosion in Beirut, is being widely shared on social media.

The video was recorded after the huge blast ripped through the port area of the Lebanese capital on Tuesday and damaged property and injured people for miles. The poignant footage shows the woman calmly playing “Auld Lang Syne” on a piano in a room that was wrecked by the shockwave from the blast.

The mask-clad woman is seen playing the piano even as others are seen cleaning the room. The video was widely shared on social media, and Facebook user May Abboud Melki said it was her 79-year-old grandmother who featured in the clip.

Watch the video here:

Melki told The Guardian that the footage was recorded a day after the blast, which has killed over 100 in the city and injured another 5000.

She told CBS News that her grandmother “pushed through her pain and found peace and hope at the keys of the only undamaged item” as she played the song on the 60-year-old piano.

According to Melki, her grandmother wasn’t home when the blast occurred and  both grandparents were safe. However, their shop was severely damaged and their home of 60 years was in shambles.

“It survived the entire civil war… It witnessed bullets go through it,” Melki told CNN. “They have rebuilt themselves over and over again.”

Melki said her grandmother started by playing the classic song and then moved on to other Arabic hymns, which the volunteers assisting with the cleanup joined in.

“To see her lean into her faith, lean into God was something that was a strong message to her community and our family immediately,” her granddaughter said.

Melki said she shared the clip because she felt it “was able to express a symbol of hope and peace among all of the despair”.

Here’s how people reacted to the video:

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My eyes and heart are crying for you Lebanon. Over 150 people dead , thousands injured or missing… I am sorry you have to endure this kind of disaster my brothers and sisters…I will be sending donations to the Lebanese Red Cross, as well as ALL of the smaller organizations in Beirut from the last slide of this post. I hope you will join me. 300,000 people have been displaced and have become homeless. This explosion is coming during one of the hardest times for Lebanon in history… with an unprecedented economic crisis and famine, political unrest , homelessness , the pandemic and the unemployment rate plummeting , we NEED to support the people of Lebanon. Helping from within, through these smaller organizations can help pin point what necessities are most needed and where they can be sent, exactly. We need to continue to speak on this crisis, #PRAYFORLEBANON but most importantly , We need to collectively support immediate humanitarian relief. Stand UP and stand TOGETHER. I love you all out there. Beirut – I am wrapping you in a golden blanket of light and strength. I see you and support you. I am sorry. ❤️🇱🇧 ❤️ ارك الله فيك…

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The waves of the blast were felt around 240 km away in Cyprus. Officials said that over 2700 tonnes of ammonium nitrate that had been stored for six years in a warehouse in the port had exploded.

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