These #WhyImSingle tweets will answer SO many questions!

These #WhyImSingle tweets will answer SO many questions!

Because it's a lethal world out there, and, well, we're lazy!

The two lovers embracing teddy bear toy sitting.
“Blessing of the moon upon you”. (Source: Thinkstock Images)

‘Tis the season of love, and while that’s awesome for those new-in-love, or always-been-in-love people out there who have got the seven days leading up to Valentine’s Day down pat, wishing their crush or partner everything from rose day to hug day, there are at least three others for each of them who dread this one week of February.

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Massive hearts everywhere, love songs playing on the radio and not to forget the sudden appearance of love-locked couples at every mall, restaurant, park or public space you can think of. Well, as much as we love the concept of love and finding that one person who will rock your world are things that epics are made of, there is a sizable percentage of the global population that’s sitting and wondering ‘Why am I single?’

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And in today’s Digital Age, where better to express the confusion and angst than on a public platform like social media, which will not only help fellow singles to come and share the misery, but also attempt at figuring out this mystery. Of course, as is the nature of the medium, soon the hashtag #whyimsingle started doing the rounds on Twitter, in part aided by Jimmy Fallon’s last segment on The Tonight Show on the same topic.

Well, we browsed the Net to present to you a couple of options that you may relate to, or even just have a good friendly laugh with. Check these out:


Also, check out this really cool video of Fallon reading out #WhyImSingle hashtag messages.