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Women ask their crushes out on Valentine’s Day and the results are amusing

Many were happy that the challenge finally made them tell their crushes about how they felt, For some, it resulted in some pretty awkward conversations.

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Valentine’s Day Challenge: While for some it ended on a happy note, for others not so much.

Waiting for a crush to ask you out can be agonising, which might explain why many women on Twitter took a challenge to ask their crushes out on Valentine’s Day. Some of the results were hilarious, others ended on a happy note and some awkwardly.

It started when British relationship blogger Oloni urged women on Twitter to make the first move and ask their crushes out on a date as a Valentine’s Day Challenge, something she did even last year. She also asked women to post a screenshot of the conversation online to let others know how it went.

Many on Twitter messaged their crushes asking them out on a date and put up the screenshots. While some of the messages resulted in a date, for others it was a little embarrassing. Some couples who are already together also took the challenge with amusing results.

Here are some of the reactions that got many talking online.

The blogger had explained last year, why she started the Twitter trend.

“I came up with the idea [for the challenge] by thinking of ways I could push women to be more confident within themselves,” Oloni said. With the challenge, she said she was trying to break the stereotype that girls shouldn’t make the first move.