Single? Don’t be sad, read these amusing #SingleButNotSorry tweets on Valentine’s Day

Single? Don’t be sad, read these amusing #SingleButNotSorry tweets on Valentine’s Day

Are the ongoing Valentine's Day celebrations making you uncomfortable with your singlehood? Cheer up! These tweets with the hashtag #SingleButNotSorry are surely going to pep you up.

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Don’t have a date this Valentine’s Day? It’s time to read these tweets, and be proud of your singlehood. (Source: Thinkstock Images)

Celebrated to express your feelings to loved ones, Valentine’s Day falls on February 14 every year. However, it isn’t just a day anymore, couples start preparing for it a week in advance — with a specific significance for each day — right from roses to chocolates and hugs. While some like to keep it simple, others go all out with cards, gifts and even plan a long vacation.

Amidst all the love-commotion, those who are not interested in love often tend to feel neglected. While some crib about it, others take to social media to express how being single is, if not better, equally satisfying as being in love. To share the same emotion, Twitter users posted their thoughts with the hashtag #SingleButNotSorry. From advising others to be content with their singlehood to stating the advantages of not being in a relationship, the tweets are the best way to stay happy and cheery about not having a date on Valentine’s Day.

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