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UK mom in shock after she finds huge bag of crystal meth in children’s breakfast cereal

The mother handed over the substance to the police, who later confirmed that it was indeed methamphetamine, a class A drug.

crystal meth, meth in cereal box, UK mom finds meth cereal box, mother find drugs children breakfast, viral news, odd newsLuckily, the drug was inside a small plastic bag and didn't contaminate the cereals.

Pouring out cereals for children is probably one of the simplest and least complicated job for a mother. However, for a British woman, it turned into a scary ordeal when she found a bag of drug stashed inside the cereal packet.

Haisam Nassir, 25, was about to give Golden Morn cereal to her four children when she suddenly found something else in the packet — a transparent plastic pouch filled with white crystals. Baffled and curious at the same time, the Essex mom tried to Google to find out what the bag might contain.

The search result left her shocked, as she quickly realised the bag contained methamphetamine, or commonly known as crystal meth popularised by Breaking Bad, a class A drug.

According to Essex Live, the woman discovered the drug when despite the box of the cereal seeming to be half full, no more crunchy maize flakes were coming out. When Nassir put her hand inside to check, she felt an extra bag blocking the rest of the cereal.

The report added that the frightened mother took the bag containing the illegal substance to the police, who later confirmed her fears.

The worried mother also rushed her children to the hospital once the substance was verified to check that they hadn’t ingested any of the drug, LadBible reported. Luckily, no trace of the drug were found in her children and they were doing fine.

“It was so so bad, I was really shocked. It was massive – it took up nearly half the box. I felt really frightened. My anxiety went off the roof. There was 450g of it. The street value would be quite something,” the woman was quoted by Mirror.

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“They’d been eating from that box for four days straight and the bag of crystal meth was really thin, a sharp piece of cereal could easily have made a hole in it,” the mother added, grateful that things didn’t go awry.

First published on: 01-01-2022 at 15:38 IST
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