Modern slang gets a historical spin! FOMO is now ‘Feeble Old Monarch Out’

Modern slang gets a historical spin! FOMO is now ‘Feeble Old Monarch Out’

What if our ancestors had modern-day acronyms to describe their events or moods, what would LOL and ROFL mean at the time of Wars of the Roses? This Twitter user set out to find out, and now has quite a treasure trove. Check it out.

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Love words and history? Then you’d love this too. (Source: Talia Lavin/Twitter)

The English language has evolved over the period of time and so has our vocabulary. Thanks to WhatsApp and the Internet, we have a whole new – and ever evolving and increasing – list of words and abbreviations that have now become the norm in everyday conversations. Just when you thought that you have a grip on “LOL” and “LMAO”, Twitterati have decided to give all these acronyms a historical twist to make our lives a little more interesting. These guys have used the currently popular list of English acronyms to describe events (mostly non-events actually) from the 15th century Wars of the Roses.

You think we are kidding? Absolutely not!

Recently, a couple of Netizens took to social media to showcase their love for historical incidents by giving modern-day slang acronyms an ancient historical twist. The original wars – between 1455 and 1487 – were fought for the control of the Throne of England between supporters of two houses, the House of Lancaster, and the House of York.

It’s as an ode to the wars that Twitter user Talia Lavin started a thread suggested – for all those parents confounded with the use of acronyms such as BRB, BYOB, CYA, LOL – that these words could actually have a connection to the ancient wars that ultimately led to Henry Tudor winning the throne and Richard III losing at Bosworth Field.

Check these tweets out here:

While this is a worth proposal, it could be possible that we Indians might find some Mahabharata connection as well. After all, PITA could be code word for Bheeshm Pitamaha. Do you have some more suggestions? Tell us in the comments below.