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Why Twitter has a sea of photos of dogs sticking their heads out of blankets

Twitter has been flooded with photos of dogs putting their heads through holes they'd made in blankets.

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Photos of adorable dogs popping their heads out from a blanket are melting hearts online.

It all started when Washington Post’s food editor, Mary Beth Albright, shared a photo of her dog Zelda, who had chewed on his favourite blanket and made a big hole.

But Zelda’s head popped out of the blanket, showing that she’d managed to turn it into a poncho for herself.

Many rushed to defend the cute dog saying that he looked innocent, while others said great sacrifices had to be made for making an eccentric fashion statement.

But as Albright’s tweet went viral, many other pet-parents pointed out how it was something a lot of dogs do. As a result, Twitter was flooded with plenty of photos of dogs putting their heads out of holes they’d made in blankets.  Some said it reminded them of Victorian fashion for royalty!

The viral Twitter thread has plenty of people saying they just can’t get enough of all the pictures.

Do you have your own photos that fit with this trend?