Matched on Tinder, they haven’t met for 3 yrs; so Tinder stepped in to send them to…

Matched on Tinder, they haven’t met for 3 yrs; so Tinder stepped in to send them to…

Once you've read this story, if you're a romantic you WILL be rooting for a wedding, and you won't be the only ones either. These 20-somethings matched on Tinder, and what happened next will make you believe in the adage, 'good things happen to those who wait'. Read on.

Both hail from Ohio and are all set to meet in person now that their Tinder conversation is going viral. (Source: Twitter)

Do you feel annoyed if your Tinder match doesn’t reply on time, or leave in between a conversation? Well, many would argue, not to pin high hopes on Tinder matches, but these two 20-somethings have baffled the entire world, including the guys over at Tinder. The duo has been exchanging messages for THREE YEARS through the app, without meeting each other even once!

Not only that, the gap between the responses are as long as some relationships! Yep, that’s even half a year at times.

Josh Avsec, 22, first messaged Michelle Arendas, 21, in September 2014 after they matched.

However, Arendas didn’t respond until November and came up with the lamest excuse ever when she told him: ‘Hey sorry my phone died!’ But, Avsec decided to give it back to her with a hilarious response. And this time he replied to her after several months, and that’s how the two carried on for all this while, pulling each others leg. Not expecting that the other would actually reply after a long gap.

Avsec last week suddenly decided to post their hilarious conversation on Twitter and since then his tweet has gone viral, with more 12,000 retweets and over 44,000 likes. The tweet gained so much attention that even Tinder replied to his tweet and wrote, “Good things come to those who wait.”

Now, people are rooting for the duo to meet in person and people are saying this is best Tinder love story ever!

Arendas too took note of his tweet and replied, but still carried on with their late reply game.

But wait there’s more Tinder has offered to sponsor their first date at any location they want and now the pair will be meeting in Hawaii!