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Monday, July 23, 2018

This teenage couple did an ’emotional’ break-up photoshoot and Internet can’t handle it!

"This can't be real!"

By: Trends Desk | Kolkata | Published: February 24, 2017 1:55:47 pm
relationship, breakup, break up photoshoot, college teens break up photoshoot, breakup advice, feelings, viral news, viral photos, trending news, latest news The couple ended their relationship in 2015 but connected again on 2016 end for the photoshoot. (Source: @williamwdepew/ Twitter)

Coming out of a relationship is not easy, and no matter what, heartbreaks are never bearable. Break-up is hard. Period. And no matter how much Bollywood tries to make it cool by break-up parties and ‘celebrate the heartbreak’ mantra, it’s difficult to enjoy something painful.

But to cope up, people try out different things – from binge eating to going on vacations and to inevitable crying and listening to sad music – there’s nothing that is cool as what this couple did. Yes, they literally celebrated their break-up with a photoshoot, one that would remind you of Fault in the Stars’ quote “pain demands to be felt”.

Harrison and Jackie were high school sweethearts and dated for more than three years. But as their paths separated in college, the long distance took a toll on the relationship and they broke up in 2015.

At the end of 2016, they had a photoshoot — a breakup photoshoot. According to a report by Mashable, the pair had not seen each other for almost a year since they parted their ways. It was Harrison’s idea to do the quirky photoshoot that is now breaking the Internet.

“I see my friends who are in relationships doing really nice professional photography photoshoots. I had the idea of doing the same thing in the same setting, but post-relationship, in a different way,” he told Mashable.

With an eye for photography, he set up a tripod and camera. “Taking those pictures felt like slipping right back into our relationship — the good and bad. Looking at them now, I am reminded of every thing about him I fell in love with,” Jackie was quoted in the report.

Harrison shared the photos on his Facebook account on February 20 and it was then posted on Twitter by one of his classmates two days later. As soon as the pictures started circulating on Twitter, people were amused and just could not take it and sadly it became a meme. Check out their reactions here.

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