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Monday, February 17, 2020

This story of a UK-based Sikh man helping a Muslim woman on wheelchair will leave you teary-eyed

'The world is a beautiful place when we look out for each other.'

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: March 8, 2017 2:30:29 pm
sikh man on train, sikh main gives muslim woman seat on train, sikh man on train gives muslim woman seat in US, sikh man kindness, sikh man helps muslim woman, indian express, indian express news, united states ethnic confilicts Amidst the hate crimes and killings making news these days, another story of a Sikh man is going viral. (Source: Isa Toy Miah/Facebook)

It was only recently that the story of LA-based Ravi Singh and his ‘Share a Meal’ initiative warmed the hearts of people across the world. A Facebook video showed Singh and his wife running a mobile kitchen serving vegetarian burritos to the needy five days a week was quick to garner attention and love from many. Now, amidst the hate crimes and killings making news, another story of a Sikh man will move you.

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Isa Toy Miah, who lives in the United Kingdom, shared a post on Facebook about a Sikh man recently. On his way home on the train, he saw the man helping a Muslim woman on a wheelchair. Apparently, her chair wasn’t positioned properly and every time the train halted her chair kept rolling back and forth. Having noticed this, Miah wrote the Sikh man tried helping her by turning her chair around, so the back of it is placed against the wall. He also tried to use the breaks in the chair to stop it from moving, but to no avail. Miah wrote that then the Sikh man decided to hold her chair from one side throughout the journey!

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Read his Facebook post here.

I’ve just seen the most beautiful thing whilst on the train home. The Muslim lady in the wheelchair, didn’t have her chair positioned correctly so every time the train jolted, her chair kept moving back and forth.
The Sikh man sitting next to her noticed this, so he helped to turn her chair around so that the back of it is against the wall. He then tried to apply the breaks to stop it from rolling back and forth but noticed they weren’t working properly, so he decided to hold her chair like this for the rest of the journey ?? ????
The world is a beautiful place when we look out for each other.

There is no denying that this gesture isn’t one to that would usually make flashy headlines, but the fact that it was noticed by someone like Miah, and he thought it significant enough to record it as a Facebook post, followed by it becoming viral on social media shows us one thing — we live at a time when we’re possibly hanging on to even these little acts of concern to keep our faith in humanity alive.

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