This man stole gold coins worth Rs 1.20 crore and guess where he hid it? In his bum

The man hid coins inside his rectum for years and never got caught.

By: Express Web Desk | Updated: September 23, 2016 5:01:00 pm

This guy stole gold coins and hid them inside his bum This guy stole gold coins and hid them inside his bum

Not in their wildest dreams would the officials of Royal Canadian Mint (RCM), a corporation that produces coins including gold ones, have thought that one of their employees could actually rob them off $180,000 worth of gold coins and that too by hiding inside his rectum.

Leston Lawrence, 35, did just that. He reportedly, evaded multiple security checks over the years and stole several nugget-sized coins called ‘pucks’ which weigh 210 gms each . Apparently, he would pass the metal detector test because no one could actually find metal on his body even if the machine beeped.

The investigators reportedly found a bottle of vaseline in Lawrence’s locker but the Crown corporation for which Mint produces coins couldn’t prove he actually did it. However, they established this was the only way out.

Surprisingly, RCM didn’t even find out about the theft on its own. It was an observant bank employee who found out about Lawrence’s suspicious transactions. Reportedly, he used to sell the pucks to Ottawa Gold Buyers and they would pay him cheques depending on the price of gold. The banker noticed a number of such transactions, checked his profile and found out he used to work with the Mint. She then alerted the bank and the police.

According to Ottawa News, defence lawyer Gary Barnes said, “This is the Royal Canadian Mint, your Honour, and one would think they should have the highest security measures imaginable. In fact, I would submit the Mint doesn’t even know if anything is missing.”

The case was reportedly concluded on September 20 but the decision will be announced on November 9 because of other cases he is charged with including smuggling-for-cash, laundering the proceeds of crime, possession of stolen property and breach of trust.

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