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‘The tallest man who ever lived’: Twitterati react to US man who stood a staggering 8 feet 11 inches tall

The Guinness World Records recognises Robert Wadlow as the world’s tallest man ever recorded.

The Guinness World Records recognises Robert Wadlow as the world’s tallest man ever recorded.

Tall people draw attention wherever they go. Those who are tall are also quite familiar with all the cliched jokes made at their expense. However, do you know about the tallest person who ever lived and what was his/her height?

A Twitter page called ‘History in Color’ shared a photo taken in 1935 of Robert Wadlow, nicknamed ‘The Giant of Illinois’, who is recognised as the world’s tallest man ever recorded by the Guinness World Records. The Guinness World Records states on its website that Wadlow holds the record since 1955.

It further says that Wadlow measured an astonishing 2.72 m (8 ft 11.1 in) when he was last measured on June 27, 1940. Wadlow was born on February 22, 1918, to two regular-sized parents, weighing an unremarkable 3.85 kg. But by the age of 5, he grew 5 ft 4 inches tall, by which time he was already wearing clothes intended for teenagers.

“Amazing picture of the tallest man who ever lived,” the Guinness World Records retweeted a post from the page ‘History in Color’.

“Wow amazing and he looked so kind,” commented a Twitter user. “Wadlow is not in the category of ‘I only date guys whose height starts with a 6’,” joked another.

Wadlow embarked on a tour with the hugely popular Ringling Brother Circus, which saw the giant earn worldwide fame.

Sadly, Wadlow passed away when he was only 22 as a result of a septic blister on his right ankle caused by a brace, which had been poorly fitted only a week earlier. He died on July 15, 1940, in a hotel in Manistee, Michigan.

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A life-sized statue of Wadlow was erected on College Avenue in Alton, opposite the Alton Museum of History and Art in 1986, in honour of the city’s most famous resident.

First published on: 06-12-2022 at 17:01 IST
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