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The New Year’s Eve photo that has the Internet buzzing; some even called it ‘modern Renaissance art’

This New Year's Eve photo of Manchester has taken the fancy of the Internet, with some calling it a modern-day masterpiece.

There is this constant point of disagreement in the artist community: Which is better — classical arts or contemporary works? Till the world comes to a conclusion, this New Year Eve seems to have provided a point of convergence.

A picture by photographer Joel Goodman has taken up the netizens’ fancy, who have been comparing it to ‘modern Renaissance art’. The photo was part of the Manchester Evening News website’s New Year’s Eve party gallery under the the caption “Police hold on to a man while another lies in the road”.

It was probably this tweet that started it all — with more than 24,000 retweets:
And these ones called out to the Renaissance period:
Thereafter, the golden ratio was invoked:

When a photo goes viral, photoshoppers can’t be far behind.


This one, quite obviously, takes the prize:

Responding to the popularity of the photo across the Internet, the news website decided to bring in their expert views on the modern Renaissance piece (hover the mouse over the photo and the ‘i’).

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Speaking to BuzzFeed, the photographer said he was delighted to see his photo being likened to Renaissance paintings. “It’s a lovely and flattering comparison, especially in the context of a category of photography that’s too often derided,” Goodman said.

First published on: 03-01-2016 at 00:22 IST
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