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The internet is not impressed with this ‘expert-level cheating’ hack

The cheating hack involved hiding a phone inside a pencil case and manoeuvring its screen in such a way that it appears like the case has only stationery material.

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The internet is full of cheating hacks but not all of them manage to impress netizens. One such cheating hack is going viral. The cheating technique involves keeping a phone inside a pencil case and manoeuvring its screen in such a way that it appears like the case is only holding stationery. Later, one can navigate the phone and check the study material stored on other tabs.

A video of his hack was shared online by a popular Twitter account named Lance (@BornAKang) on December 8. The eight-second viral video was captioned, “This is expert level cheating”.

This clip has gathered over 3.9 million views and almost half a million likes. However, not everyone was impressed with this trick.

Mocking the cheating technique a Twitter user wrote, “Yeah fiddling with your fingers in there without ever taking anything out isn’t suspicious at all xD Any teacher would check it closely for notes hidden among the pens and instantly notice it’s a phone.”

Many people also noted they were not allowed to keep covered pencil cases on their desks during exams or their stationery items were thoroughly checked.

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Echoing this view, a Twitter user wrote, “When I did my GCSEs and even the mocks for them before that, you were only allowed see-through pencil cases and bottles and I’m assuming that was the case for all schools in the UK and has been for a while. If this is in America I dunno how they just… haven’t thought of this ”.

First published on: 06-12-2022 at 17:00 IST
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