VIDEO: Chinese reporter’s epic eye roll is Internet’s favourite meme of the day

VIDEO: Chinese reporter’s epic eye roll is Internet’s favourite meme of the day

The Internet is in love with this ultimate candid, funny, sassy eye-rolling moment when one Chinese reporter reacted to a fellow journalist's long-winded question to a government official during a live broadcast.

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This spectacular eye-roll that has set the Chinese social media space ablaze. (Source: Cao Nima/YouTube)

After Priya Varrier created an online sensation with her wink, the Chinese social media space has been taken over by an eye play of their own. A video of a Chinese reporter rolling her eyes at a question by a fellow journalist has been doing the rounds online, so much so that it has inspired memes and caption contests around the world.

According to reports, the eye-rolling scribe has been identified as Liang Xiangyi, and the incident took place at a government press conference, wherein another journalist Zhang Huijun asked a long-winded and rambling question to government official Xiao Yaqing, which the former apparently thought was an easy question. Liang’s exaggerated eye-roll has become the toast of the day for not only the Chinese social media space, but even elsewhere as well.

In case you were curious about what the question could be, an NYT report translated it thus:

“The transformation of the responsibility of supervision for state assets is a topic of universal concern. Therefore, as the director of the State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, what new moves will you make in 2018? This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Reform and Opening-up Policy, and our country is going to further extend its openness to foreign countries. With General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party Xi proposing the One Belt One Road Initiative, state-owned enterprises have increased investment to countries along the route of One Belt One Road, so how can the overseas assets of state-owned enterprises be effectively supervised to prevent loss of assets? What mechanisms have we introduced so far, and what’s the result of our supervision? Please summarize for us, thank you.”


In the viral video, Liang initially looks amused at the question, but as the length wears on, she sighs and what soon follows is an eye-roll that has become the latest rage online. The whole interaction was captured on Live TV and the video has been posted on YouTube.

The meme has now travelled across the globe and social media users creating parodies, memes and gifs with her ‘eye roll’. Take a dekko.

It will be interesting to see how far this video goes.