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‘The blimp is up!’ Trump baby blimp goes up as US President visits London

Britons rejoice as 'Trump Baby' blimp takes flight in London.

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Trump baby blimp. (Source: Reuters)

Opponents of Donald Trump flew a six-meter blimp of ‘Baby Trump’ on Friday to protest against the controversial visit of the US President to the UK. The giant balloon depicted the Trump as orange, angry, and a nappy-wearing baby and the flight took place just outside the British parliament.

When Trump arrived in Britain on Thursday, he told the Sun newspaper that the protests which are planned against him in London have made him feel very unwelcomed.

While Britain wants to build close ties with the United States, Britons see Trump as crude, volatile, unreliable and opposed to their values on a range of issues. Thus, about a hundred people gathered to watch the blimp launch in Parliament Square.

The event saw organizers of the stunt wearing red boiler suits and red baseball caps emblazoned with “TRUMP BABYSITTER” and handing over stickers that read “make racists unwelcome again.”




The Trump baby was inflated in the streets of London and in front of everyone.


After counting down from 10 to 1 a cheer went up as the giant balloon rose to fly around 10 meters off the ground, next to parliament and the River Thames.



And here’s how Britons reacted to the takeoff.