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Monday, November 30, 2020

From the street to chic: The humble origins of Thai canine fashion influencer Moo Ta

One drunken abduction and an adoption later, Moo Ta is now a fashion influencer in Thailand with plenty of people tracking the dog and its owner's quirky social media posts.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: October 29, 2020 5:04:27 pm
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After abducting a stray from outside a restaurant after a drunken dinner, a Thai man and the adopted dog are now hugely popular on Instagram.

Earlier this month, Yutthaphum Kaewekhem went out for dinner and many beers later, decided he wanted to bring home one of the stray dogs hovering outside the restaurant.

He later shared a video on the incident on Facebook, which was recorded by a friend and showed him attempting to abduct a stray dog.

“Instead of stopping me, my friend recorded the videos before driving us home,” he wrote.

The next morning, Kaewekhem said he woke up to find a dog at home and even recorded a video of the animal walking around in his room.

Upset that he had ‘abducted’ the dog, Kaewekhem went back to the restaurant to return the animal to familiar surroundings. He even gave it food and snacks to ‘apologise’.

But when Kaewekhem returned some days later, he had a change of heart on finding the dog there and seeing that it was delighted to see him.

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That’s when Kaewekhem decided to bring the dog home for good. He took it for a medical examination to a veterinarian and even got all the required vaccinations.

In his posts he explained that the animal was the perfect guest, who did not leave “any poop or pee in the house”. Kaewekhem also said that the dog also knew how to “turn on an electric fan all by itself.”

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The dog was named, Moo Ta, which was inspired by the place where they first met.

As Kaewekhem kept posting photos and videos of the dog, many started following their story online.

Kaewekhem then started to dress Moo Ta in various quirky costumes and accessories, and photos started taking social media in the country by storm.

Moo Ta now has lakhs of followers on multiple platforms like TikTok and Instagram, who track the dog’s various fashion statements, and with Kaewekhem is now a popular Thai fashion influencer.

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