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Saturday, August 08, 2020

Texas woman’s maternity photoshoot with a swarm of bees on her belly baffles many online

Saying that it's not "just a photo of a woman with honeybees on her belly", she went on to share a tragic story of an extremely traumatic miscarriage. However, people were still not convinced as she said she was allergic and still went ahead with the theme.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Published: July 4, 2020 3:13:56 pm
bees maternity photoshoot, unusual maternity photoshoot, pregnant woman bee covered photoshoot, beekeeper maternity photoshoot, viral news, odd news, indian express The photoshoot has triggered some serious conversation online. (Source: Emily Murnane/ Twitter)

Maternity or pregnancy photoshoots have been a huge trend for the last couple of years and more than often people go above and beyond to stand out from the rest in a bid to select unique themes to welcome their babies. Recently, a photoshoot of a woman from Boerne, Texas — with thousands of bees sitting on her belly — has shocked people online.

Posing with her husband in the outdoors — exposing her stomach donning a white bralet and trousers, the mother-to-be, who is a beekeeper, was seen standing next to a box bee hive, with a swarm of bees flying around.

“Here are my maternity photos I promised to share. I wasn’t stung once. The queen is tethered to my belly inside of a cage. We just dumped the bees on me and they naturally began to beard. Don’t worry, this was approved by my doc. This is roughly 10k bees. Cheers, everyone!” a screenshot of the post showed, that got everyone talking online and started circulating widely.

The post, which was originally posted on Facebook, has spread on social media sites, leaving many baffled and even  irked. While some didn’t understand why she did it, others thought it putting her unborn child to risk. Some also wondered which doctor would have allowed this knowing about her allergies.

As the unusual maternity photoshoot went viral, she updated her profile photo and shared her story. Saying that it’s not “just a photo of a woman with honeybees on her belly“, she went on to share a tragic story of an extremely traumatic miscarriage. Talking about slipping into depression after losing the baby and confused at first after finding out she was pregnant again, she wrote: “As time went on, well into the second trimester, I knew I couldn’t tell anyone about the pregnancy because of the fear of a repeat miscarriage.”

Talking about how things got difficult owing to isolation in global pandemic, she added, “This time was not only unfamiliar and bizarre but was also extraordinarily emotionally challenging”. However, soon she realised it was a good way to heal and for better. “In spite of all this, our family grew stronger, and, in hindsight, I realize that the quarantine allowed me to grow my baby in a stress-free environment with phenomenal nurturing from my husband. There was a massive silver lining to this presumably dark cloud.”

“I have emerged from these events like a butterfly from a cocoon; strong, beautiful, and ready to take on the world. So, you see, this isn’t just a photo of a woman with honeybees on her belly. This photo represents much, much more. My only hope is that one day my children will look at this photo and see the warrior inside of me.” she concluded.

The original post was later updated with a warning, “**This can be extremely dangerous. Please do not try this without experience and knowledge**” However, still many weren’t convinced why she decided to do this bee-themed photoshoot. And although people were touched by her story, many still remarked, “But medically that’s a little nerve wracking!”. Others highlighted she still didn’t explain why she decided to choose to expose herself to bees fully aware of her allergies.

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