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‘CUT IT ALL OFF’: Hairdresser helps teen girl fighting depression in the most beautiful way

Sadly, the 16-year-old girl was fighting severe depression and said that she felt "so worthless she couldn't even brush her hair." She came into the salon and asked the hairdresser to completely shave off her head, but the dedicated stylist spent 13 hours fixing it.

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The hairstylist spent 13 hours over two days to fix her hair. (Source: Kayley Olsson/Facebook)

Mental health is as important as physical health and requires the same amount of care and concern. Often people miss out on indications or wrongly read signs of depression, failing to address it in the initial stages. And depression can hit anyone, irrespective of age, gender, class or creed. Take the case of this 16-year-old girl from the US, who – at a time when most teenager’s spend hours preening in front of the mirror for that perfect selfie – didn’t even feel like combing her hair. Sadly, the young girl was fighting severe depression and said that she felt “so worthless she couldn’t even brush her hair”.

A Facebook post recounting what happened next has taken the Internet by storm.

According to the post, the girl was recently getting ready to start school again and needed to get some pictures taken of her for her school IDs. However, with her entangled hair, that was not possible. She went into a salon and simply asked the hairdresser to “cut it all off” since she couldn’t “deal with the pain of combing it out” and said she felt “worthless”.

Her words broke hairstylist Kayley Olsson’s heart, and she decided to help the girl in the best way she could. The Iowa-based hairdresser subsequently spent 13 hours over the next two days and made sure the teenager didn’t need to get her head shaved. Instead, she diligently worked to untangle it all, ultimately succeeding in not just fixing her hair — but, more importantly, making the girl SMILE!


Yes, sharing the moving experience on her Facebook account, Olsson described how the student (whose identity has been kept anonymous) only got up to use the “restroom”. She said how after her matted hair was untangled and she the teenager had her tresses returned to soft curls, the girl was really happy. “I will actually smile for my school’s pictures today, you made me feel like me again,” the young girl told her.

Read her full post here:

She post has gone viral with more than 75,000 shares at the time of writing, and people are lauding the hairstylist for her dedication and effort. Olsson also shared an important message for parents and highlighted the ignorance that is widespread regarding Mental Health.

The post received a lot of positive comments and reactions. Sample some of them here: