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Teen girl slams Netizens for hateful tweets on her traditional Chinese prom dress

This year's prom season ended last week and social media was flooded with pictures of teenagers enjoying the special night. But, when a young girl posted some pictures from her prom on Twitter, she received backlash for her dress. Here's why.

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Teen receives hate speech on social media for a Chinese dress that she wore for her prom. (Source: Keziah/Twitter)

It is that time of the year when teens gear up for their prom night and doll up in the best dress from their wardrobe. Or, at least they try to get hands on an extraordinary piece that helps them stand out from the rest. So did Keziah Daum, a senior student at a Utah high school, Salt Lake City, USA.

This year’s prom season ended last week and social media was flooded with pictures of beautiful teens enjoying their prom night. But, when Daum posted a bunch of pictures from her memorable night, she shockingly got major backlash on social media for her choice of dress. Unlike many other teenagers preparing for prom, Utah high school senior Daum didn’t just want to wear a dress that would make her look spectacular but also wanted it to hold a special meaning.

Reportedly, she decided to browse clothes at a vintage store nearby, where she found a red cheongsam. Also known as a qipao, it is a high-collared, form-fitting traditional Chinese dress. According to media reports, Daum appreciated that the high neckline that was a rare trait to find in any prom dress. “I thought it was absolutely beautiful. The dress really gave me a sense of appreciation and admiration for other cultures and their beauty,” she told Washington Post.

Check some pictures here.

Her post soon went viral. While the young girl would have loved all the attention otherwise; to her shock, it came only for the wrong reasons. Apparently, a few Americans found it offensive to wear an Asian dress for a ceremony in the West. Moreover, some also called it a non-cultural dress. As if that wasn’t racist enough, a person went on to tweet: “My culture is NOT your goddamn prom dress.”

Isn’t it heartbreaking to see the number of likes his post has received?

While there were a few others who weren’t happy with her dress, many others took her side and told her to wear what she wanted to. Check out more reactions on the micro-blogging site here.


The young girl also gave a fitting reply to her dress controversy, as she felt it wasn’t really worth spoiling her prom. Read her tweets here.

To get more clarity on the controversy, indianexpress.com has reached out to Daum and is awaiting her reply. In today’s day and time, when most countries claim to have a “modern” and “civilised” society, such hate speech doesn’t quite fit the context. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below.