Six reasons why we love Game Of Thrones

Six reasons why we love Game Of Thrones

As Season 6 comes to a close, we give you six reasons why we love Game Of Thrones and we’re sure you will be able to relate!

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Each episode of Game Of Thrones will leave you craving for more and getting through a week’s worth of wait is a real struggle. We explore why. (Source:

It goes without saying that Game of Thrones is definitely one of the best shows ever made. Created by David Benioff and DB
Weiss, this American fantasy drama is an absolute treat for the eyes. The show has received worldwide acclaim because of its unpredictable story line and powerful action. It’s viewership has grown by leaps and bounds. As Season 6 comes to a close, we give you six reasons why we love this amazing show and we’re sure you will be able to relate!

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1. Drama

If you think your life has enough drama, think again. Nothing is more dramatic and appealing than an episode of Game of Thrones. Season 6 has been considered the best by far, thanks to the generous amount drama peppered throughout. Right from revival of the dead Jon Snow to the historic ‘Tower of Joy’ scene where Bran discovers what happened at the Tower Of Joy with Eddard ‘Ned’ Stark — although he is stopped in between by the Three Eyed Raven — this has been a season of revelations the previous five have been building up to. Also building up has been the audience’s expectations, fan theories and speculations. How different would everything have been had Jon Snow not been brought back?

2. Unpredictability


The twists in the plots and the politics are simply addictive. Indian politicians don’t stand a chance on the set of Game Of Thrones. Who would have thought that the erstwhile meek Sansa would decide to take on Ramsay all by herself? Jon Snow repeatedly bashed Ramsay after he killed Wun Wun, but Sansa feeding Bolton to his own hounds was something we were totally not expecting and we guess, justice has been served.

3. Reality

Nothing gets more real than Game Of Thrones, despite its dragons and direwolves and red priestesses who bring back people from the dead. The hypocrisy of the society, the malice harboured by the close ones and the dispensability of everyone — everything echoes how modern society functions even if the show is supposedly based in medieval times. Daenerys’ struggles against the Masters to set the slaves free can find a parallel in several corners of the world. At times, certain events ring so true to our heart — like a betrayal — that the show makes you uncomfortable. But, the show taking bold risks is what keeps us glued to our screens too.

4. Revenge

When Bran was pushed off the tower, it set in motion a wheel of events that has led us to where we are today — all motivated by pure revenge. The most satisfying death of this season — and also the show so far — of Ramsay Bolton can be traced back to not only his sexual assault of Sansa — but also the way he broke Theon Greyjoy, later known as ‘Reek’ and had no qualms about being soulless — giving even Joffrey a run for his cruelty. It was revenge from various quarters that brought about the penultimate episode ‘Battle of the Bastards’ between the two ‘Snows’.

5. Variety of Characters

Each frame of each scene of the show has been meticulously designed with hidden clues that you might pick up on whenever you go back to a Season to figure out loose ends and hidden connections that would make a lot more sense in the episode that you’re currently watching. All characters have their own distinct personalities, making them unforgettable — if you pay attention. Apart from the favourites Jon Snow, Ramsay Bolton, Sansa Stark, Arya Stark, Daenerys, Tyrion, etc., there are several supporting and recurring characters that often leave an impression. Hodor!

6. Full Package

With bold and explicit scenes, breathtaking and accurate sets, great cinematography and such great characterisation, this show is packed with all the right ingredients to keep you hooked. Action, romance and treachery — every human emotion and tendency has been explored. Each episode will leave you craving for more and getting through a week’s worth of wait is a real struggle.