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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Shark knocks Florida boy off his surfboard, video goes viral

According to a report, when Chandler Moor stood up and steadied himself, he was suddenly knocked off his board into the water.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: December 4, 2019 6:06:02 pm
Surfer boy knocked out by shark, Florida, Shark knocks down surfer boy in Florida, Shark attack, New Smyrna Beach, Trending, Indian Express news Though Chandler Moore has been surfing since he was four, for a shark to swim directly onto his surfboard was a first.

A seven-year-old Florida boy was knocked off his surfboard by a blacktip shark at the New Smyrna Beach and the video of the incident has gone viral. The incident reportedly took place over the Thanksgiving weekend when Chandler Moore, with his father Chad, decided to go surfing.

According to a CNN report, when Chandler stood up and steadied himself, he was suddenly knocked off his board into the water.

Watch the video here: 

Wondering what it was that knocked him over, the father-son duo decided to check footage from a GoPro camera that was attached to Chandler’s surfboard. When they watched the video, they discovered it was a blacktip shark that had knocked him into the water. The incident took place so quickly that the video had to be slowed down to be seen.

Chad told New York Post that though this son has been surfing since he was four-years-old it was the first time he had seen a shark swim directly at a surfer.

Incidentally, New Smyrna Beach is known as the shark capital of the world given it has the highest number of shark attacks being recorded than anywhere else in the world.

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