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Sandstorm engulfs city in northwestern China, dramatic videos go viral

The dramatic scenes of a heavy sand wall swallowing high-rise buildings and highways reminded people of apocalyptic movies and started a conversation about climate change.

china, china sandstorm, sandstorm china video, Dunhuang city sandstorm, viral videos china sandstorm, viral videos, china climate change, Trending news, indian express newsFootage showed the heavy sandstorm swallowing buildings and highways.

As parts of China continue to grapple with the aftermath of severe rainfall, flooding and typhoon, another natural phenomenon has citizens reeling: a sandstorm. Dramatic footage of a sandstorm engulfing a city in northwestern China has left people on social media freaking out, with many comparing it to scenes from an apocalyptic movie.

A heavy sandstorm with dust clouds towering at least 100 metres (330ft) high hit Dunhuang city in Gansu Province recently, and CCTV footage from across the region caught the occurrence. Stunning videos show a huge wall of sand slowly swallowing high-rise buildings and highways, causing chaos and alarm, especially among commuters.

When it struck around 3 pm, authorities issued a ‘yellow warning’ and local police sprung into action, helping direct traffic and ordering drivers to pull over until the storm had passed.

China has a four-tier colour-coded weather warning system for sandstorms, with red representing the most severe, followed by orange, yellow, and blue.

“Home to the Mogao caves, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Dunhuang is located in the Gobi Desert, known for its harsh climate and living conditions,” South China Morning Post explained.

According to the regional meteorological department, the lowest visibility was reduced to 791 metres, Xinhua reported.

“I couldn’t see the sun,” resident surnamed Zhang told local media Jimu News. He added that the city, which is a famous tourist destination located on the Silk Route, had not experienced such a sandstorm in several years. “At first, I was enveloped in the sandstorm’s yellow dust, then it turned red and finally black.”


As clips went viral, it also started a conversation about climate change. Here’s how people reacted:

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