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Ryanair passenger records baggage handler tossing luggage at Manchester airport

A Ryanair passenger posted a video of a baggage handler mishandling the luggage of passengers of flight FR3233 from Malaga to Manchester. Elizabeth Evans expressed shock as she watched her own suitcase being thrown into the air before landing on the ground.

A video of a baggage handler throwing passenger luggage is going viral on social media. (Source: Twitter)

A passenger captured a baggage handler mishandling luggage on camera at Manchester airport. Elizabeth Evans recorded a video of the handler throwing the luggage onto a trailer after her Ryanair flight from Malaga landed in Manchester. Evans expressed shock as she watched her own suitcase being thrown into the air before landing on the ground. ‘That’s mine yeah,’ she is heard saying in the video.

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“I’m very angry and shocked. It was a new case. The case is dinted and the protective layer has been torn off it,” the 28-year-old, from Bury, told Metro. In the video, one can easily see how harshly the bags are being tossed on the trailer. The video was shared by Evans on Twitter and it soon caught a lot of attention. Watch the video here:

Evans also tweeted the flight number and how no action was taken by the airport authorities even after 12 hours of the incident.

After the incident went viral and was reported, Manchester Airport CEO Andrew Cowan then released a statement vowing to crackdown on ground handlers causing damage to passenger belongings.

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