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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

YouTuber mixes 10,000 litres of Coca-Cola and baking soda to create massive fountain

A Russian vlogger Maxim Monakhov, better known as Mamix, spent nearly Rs 7 lakh to find out what happens when you mix a large quantity of baking soda with cola.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: August 26, 2020 2:51:07 pm
The fizzy sprout was captured using drones and many were impressed by the scale of the experiment.

Everyone knows what happens if you put like Mentos or baking soda in a bottle of cola. But what happens when you put baking soda inside a container that has 10,000 litres of Coca-Cola? One Russian YouTuber spent nearly Rs 7 lakh to find out.

Vlogger Maxim Monakhov, better known as Mamix, saw the video of his ‘experiment’ get 7 million views on YouTube alone and it’s being widely shared on other social media platforms. 

“I will spend more than 700,000 rubles [nearly Rs 6.9 lakh] for the video today,” Monakhov says in the video, adding that he had been saving for this ‘experiment’ for four years.

The video then shows him and his team painstakingly gathering massive supplies of Coke, filling a pressurised tank with the cola, and then adding the baking soda into another tub. Then the baking soda is dumped into the vat with cola by a crane. As expected, a giant soda geyser erupts from the custom-built tank.

Watch the video here:

The group is seen cheering as a drone captures the towering plume and dramatic music plays in the background.

“We launched 10,000 litres of cola mixed with soda. Yes, it would seem such an absurd and useless thing – but for me it means a lot,” Mankhov says in the video.

The alkaline baking soda reacts with the phosphoric acid in cola which rapidly breaks down into carbon dioxide and causes the eruption from a closed container.

Many were impressed by the scale of the experiment and the YouTube video received over a million likes.

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